In Primary Care

Telematic Medical Applications – TMA’s e-Poκratis Welfare, is a Personal Health Record – PHR with telemedicine capabilities where health data and information related to the care of a tourist or digital nomad is maintained. The intention of TMA’s e-Poκratis Welfare is to provide a complete and accurate summary of an individual’s medical history, which is accessible online by the user & the authorized (by the user) medical and paramedical personnel, for Medical Teleconsultation purposes. The health data on e-Poκratis Welfare includes userreported outcome data, lab results, and data from integrated medical devices such as wireless glucometer, SPO2, Noninvasive blood pressure meter, urine analyzer, weight scale and spirometer, via e-Poκratis mobile app.

Medical Data
Follows the User

TMA’s Telemedicine Services Platform, e-Poκratis, grant users access to a wide range of health information sources, best medical practices and health knowledge.
All of an individual’s medical records are stored safely in
the cloud instead of paper-based files in various doctors’ offices.
Upon encountering a medical condition, user’s health information is only a few clicks away.

Immediate, live communication with a doctor whenever necessary

Through e-Pokratis platform, any illness can be monitored in conjunction with health care providers, so that there is immediate intervention in case of deviations of vital point measurements from what is expected.
Continuous communication is possible through a simple call or video call with the attending physician, whenever it is appropriate, as opposed to the occasional visits to physicians and diagnostic centers.
Removing barriers to communication allows document flowing between users and clinicians in real time without wasting time in waiting rooms in clinics.

Full & accurate Medical History

Additionally, e-Pokratis platform can benefit physicians, enabling the users to choose which doctor will
access their medical data directly. This helps physicians make better decisions by having a constant flow of medical data and immediate information. e-Pokratis platform has the capability to analyze the medical profile of each user and helps identify health threats to each user.
It simplifies the improvement of the treatment of a user, based on the analysis of drug interaction, helps to identify medical errors and covers the gaps in the design of the medical care of each user.

Telemedicine Onboard

e-Pokratis Telemedicine Platform has an integrated,
videoconferencing and telemonitoring system Provides 24/7 Medical Consultation that support and assists subscribers in order to make their environment
more comfortable and safe.

Quality In Healthcare

e-Pokratis is ideal for preventive monitoring,
rehabilitation and immediate delivery of primary care onboard.
Also is suitable for remote care for the elderly, chronic illnesses, follow-up after surgical procedures, continuous post-hospital follow-up and users with disabilities.

Your Medical Data Always On line

e-Pokratis can work via any device like tablet, mobile
phone, laptop or workstation. The platform is easy to
use by any user group in a web environment.

Medical Network Always

On line

The product is designed for both public and private health care use.
Every user has access to:
• 24/7 Medical Network
His/Her personal medical record (diagnostic and imaging examinations, medical history, medications, vital signs, etc.) in real time, wherever he is located.
• Rehabilitation, Treatment, Prescription management, Medicinevigilance, Tele
advice, Tele psychiatry services etc
• Evaluation of vital signs, Tele monitoring (Telemonitoring depends on the medical equipment that is available)

Feel Secure

• By subscribing to the Android mobile app “e-Pokratis” and having the appropriate means (GPS), the Subscriber can be traced through the “E-Pokratis” application so that the location information is given either to medical call center or to whoever needs to reach out to the Subscriber

Video Consultation

By using the”e-Pokratis” mobile app, the user can perform emergency video or voice calls and speak directly with the medical personnel. The number of calls are depending to the type of subscription. The user
has the option to perform more calls than the prepaid ones via the subscription, for a surcharge.

Medical Evacuation

•The user also has the option, after consultation via the medical call center, to choose whether to receive a high-speed craft, ambulance or other means (for an additional fee) in order to receive hospital care if need it.

Today: e-Pokratis’ Ai video-based vital signs monitoring


E-Pokratis provides an easy way to remotely measure Vital Signs – just by looking at a camera.

Generate all required information under a minute

Works on any smartphone, tablet or laptop and does not require any additional wearables

How does it work?

— Users / Patients can opt in for medical consultation whenever/wherever
— Video call with doctor for medical consultation whenever/wherever.
— Users / Patients can sought for help with one click via the Emergency or Send
location button
— Hassle-free, friendly UI

What e-Pokratis is able to offer

—24/7 Live Medical Consultation
—24/7 e-Prescription
—Health Information Sources
—Best Medical Practices
—Personal Healthcare Record
—Mobile App Medical Gateway