COLLABORATE VCB simply makes video work for your business.

Collaborate VCB is ClearOne’s all-in-one, high definition MCU that integrates multipoint conferencing, advanced video management capabilities, video recording, streaming and scheduling in a single, cost-effective appliance.

An advanced yet easy-to-use solution that optimizes your enterprise’s video conferencing network, COLLABORATE VCB includes an embedded COLLABORATE Central, ClearOne’s full-featured management tool.

It also comprises features such as continuous presence.

intelligent conference layouts for up to 25 participants at a time, and a special Presenter Mode for remote education and other vertical markets. Users can invite any number of participants to an ad-hoc or prescheduled conference at any bandwidth, and video resolution.

Collaborate VCB includes all the latest audio, video and data algorithms, ensuring that calls involving standards-based video conferencing endpoints connect and operate smoothly. Collaborate VCB is scalable from 6 to 36 ports and now offers a unique and configurable cascading capability across multiple VCBs for larger conferences.

Advanced Management System and Gatekeeper

COLLABORATE VCB includes an embedded COLLABORATE Central, ClearOne’s award-winning, full-featured management tool, for exceptional video network management and total gateway functionality for legacy and advanced technologies. From a single console in the office, home or on the road, it provides the ability to configure, monitor, manage, upgrade and enforce company conferencing policies on any video conferencing client in the organization. The COLLABORATE Central also offers a full suite of tools for centrally managing and administering bandwidth requirements as well as QoS prioritization for each endpoint, a billing engine and reporting capabilities. Full video telephony features include follow-me, forward when busy, no answer, pick-up, easy dialling to systems outside the organization and directory listing.

WMV Recording and Streaming

Now offering high definition, WMV session recording, COLLABORATE VCB enables every video conference session to be recorded, stored and forwarded, allowing even absent colleagues to remain fully updated instantaneously and providing definitive session records. COLLABORATE VCB l also contains the unique WMV streaming feature, which allows live streaming of point-to-point or multipoint conferences while hundreds or thousands of other users can watch the stream through a simple viewer application. Using ClearOne’s free-of-charge Broadcast Viewer, anyone on the network can see what sessions are being broadcast and can view the appropriate one.

Web-based Manager and Moderator

COLLABORATE VCB Manager offers full-featured, web-based applications for scheduling, status monitoring, configuration and conference moderation capabilities. During conferences, managers have chair control options and can change display layouts. Additional conference moderation capabilities include adding/removing participants, and starting/stopping multicast streaming of the conference. Administrators can also set up call services which are used to connect multipoint calls. The Manager interface is intuitive, user-friendly and can be viewed in several different languages. sessions are being broadcast and can view the appropriate one.