Standard Definition Room Video Conferencing

COLLABORATE Room SD delivers excellent quality video conferencing sessions at a modest price. Designed for small-medium businesses (SMBs), it is a plug & play device that’s easy to set-up, operate and upgrade when you’re ready.

The Right Mix of Quality and Features

Incorporating innovative technologies developed by pioneers in the worlds of audio and video conferencing, the COLLABORATE Room SD, like other systems from the COLLABORATE Room series, offers ease of operation and the right mix of quality and features.

Unbeatable Return on Investment (ROI)

COLLABORATE Room SD is a full-featured system at an unbeatable price. With the lowest cost in its class, its high-quality audio and video lets you “be there” without the need to pay for travel. Wherever you are, the multi-purpose design and ease-of-use of the system contribute to workplace efficiency.

SD-100 system includes:
SD-200 system includes the above, and: