Standards-Based Desktop Video Collaboration

COLLABORATE Desktop offers high definition audio and video up to 720p and 1080p* and includes features and functionality that extend far beyond the capabilities of a desktop video collaboration application. Multiple media transmitting capabilities for video, audio, and data and advanced capabilities to send and receive video and data streams simultaneously allows COLLABORATE Desktop to chair or participate in corporate broadcasts.

COLLABORATE Desktop is a versatile, key application for any PC or laptop user, in organizations of any size. It is available in different seat and user license options, as well as audio bundles, to suit varying corporate requirements.

This newly released version also includes recording and streaming capabilities, as well as the ability to connect across firewalls and NAT, compliant with H.460.18/19 firewall/NAT traversal protocols.

High Definition Video and Audio

Using the latest H.264video standard, COLLABORATE Desktop sends and receives high definition quality video. Users can participate in video collaborations at data rates ranging from 64 Kbps to 4 Mbps, depending on the available bandwidth. The superb high definition image quality provided by 4CIF, 720p, and 1080p technology enables the sharpest images in natural colour and full motion, even with a simple webcam.

COLLABORATE Desktop’s audio features include full duplex echo cancellation, automatic noise suppression and wide-band audio in low bit-rate calls, all combined to deliver crisp audio to the desktop.

Superior Collaboration Environment

COLLABORATE Desktop allows users to share data from their desktop with the remote side. Various forms of sharing are possible such as desktop, file, window and region sharing, utilizing a detachable data window. When deployed in conjunction with COLLABORATE Central, users can invite a 3rd party into their collaboration, and everyone will be placed automatically into a multipoint collaboration bridge. Other video telephony features, such as video call transfer and video call forward are also possible when a COLLABORATE Central server is used. Advanced data sharing capabilities – display presentations or videos, and open various file types from USB storage devices.


Using a COLLABORATE Central Administrator program, the network administrator can remotely upgrade all COLLABORATE Desktop endpoints, as well as manage those endpoints on a day-to-day basis. COLLABORATE Desktop includes video and audio device discovery as well as an audio tuning wizard, making it easy to install and operate, no matter which cameras and audio the user chooses.