Award-Winning, Administrative Management System for Exceptional Videoconferencing

The award-winning, administrative management system for video conferencing, Collaborate Central is the heart of any integrated conferencing and collaboration network.

A flexible and versatile management platform, Collaborate Central supports H.323 and SIP conferencing clients, provides gateway functionality for both legacy ISDN and advanced technologies, and offers support for firewall/NAT traversal H.460.18 and H.460.19 standards. From a single console in the office, home or on the road, it provides the ability to configure, monitor, manage, upgrade and enforce company conferencing policies on any video conferencing client in an organization. Collaborate Central offers a full suite of tools for centrally managing and administrating user groups and bandwidth requirements, as well as QoS prioritization, a billing engine and reporting capabilities. Full video telephony features include follow-me, forward when busy, no answer, pick-up, easy dialling to systems outside the organization and directory listing. Collaborate Central can scale from as few as ten users to thousands of users worldwide. No other management platform provides all the features and functionality included in Collaborate Central, and no other system is as simple and easy to configure, install and use.

Out-of-the-Box Solution for Organizations of Any Size

Collaborate Central combines a full suite of tools into a single, out-of-the-box management environment, providing added value for IT administrators and users in organizations of any size. IT administrators handle and supervise initial deployment, policies and restrictions as well as ongoing support for their organization’s rich media conferencing network, while users enjoy advanced yet simple conferencing, with added-value features such as video telephony and ad-hoc point-to-point and multipoint conferencing. Deployment of Collaborate Central servers leads to increased productivity and user satisfaction in organizations with networks of hundreds and even thousands of endpoints, dispersed across several locations.

Benefits for IT Administrators

As a complete management system, Collaborate Central simplifies implementation of global and focused administration policies, such as bandwidth allocation and restrictions per user and/or per group, simplified dialling to SIP or ISDN clients, software upgrades, and more. Administrators can apply policy management decisions and even make necessary adjustments to the physical network topology itself, including ClearOne products, third-party H.323, and SIP endpoints. Administrators have complete access to the configuration settings and user preferences for every endpoint and resource on the network. They can configure the endpoints’ settings according to policy, whether or not the endpoints are actively logged in. It is also easy to set identical parameter values for many endpoints at the same time. The Remote Software Upgrade utility allows the automated and scheduled upgrade of most ClearOne’s endpoints. Collaborate Central Administrator program is also a real-time monitoring tool for conferencing activity. An optional comprehensive reporting and billing tool provides detailed records, assisting policy-making and internal auditing.

Investment Protection for Video Networks

As your organization’s rich media network grows, Collaborate Central can expand with it, providing management and connectivity for thousands of registered users. A change of a license key is all that is required to increase Collaborate Central user capacity. H.323 and SIP devices can co-exist on mixed SIP/H.323 multipoint video conferences.