TMA Radiology Information System

RIS Functionalities
  • Support of multiple user roles
    Administrator, Doctor/clinician, Secretary.
  • Scheduler functionality
    Month and week workspaces based on Doctors & Modalities availability
  • Secretary
    Management of patients and appointments.
  • ICD 10 Cancer Classification
  • Doctor/Clinician
    Overview of patients and appointments.
    Examination triggering to Jivex PACSII.
    Reporting (diagnosis) on examinations after completion.
  • Administrator
    Management of user accounts, patients, modalities, appointments.
    Configure RIS system settings
  • HL7 Message Manager
  • Billing Manager
  • Overview on doctor’s reports
  • Logging
RIS Key points
  • TMA-RIS supports HL7 communication for PCAS integration
  • The administrator is able to create post-examination reporting forms. The doctors will select the most appropriate that describes better their diagnoses and comments.
  • RIS incorporates also SMS communication functionalities.
  • Web Portal accessible directly from Patients for Appointments
  • After a new appointment is scheduled the RIS will send a confirmation SMS to the patient including the necessary appointment information.
  • RIS is responsible to notify the patients via SMS before the appointment
  • RIS may also inform the patient when the report for his/hers examinations is ready. This may be useful in cases where the diagnosis is time consuming and the patient is not willing to wait for it.