Easily Manage Your Telemedicine Patient Encounter & Case Creation Workflow

TMA’s e-Hygeia Telemedicine Platform is a web-based patient record system designed specifically for the needs of telemedicine consultations in rough environments with limited connectivity such as vessels and oil rigs. This software allows you to create a patient case, collaborate with consulting physicians on the information gathered from the patient encounter and even have a real-time video conference with the remote physician.

TMA’s e-Hygeia Telemedicine Platform is scalable, flexible and cost-effective. It provides a web-based platform where scattered multi-disciplinary teams can provide meaningful health care to people anywhere in the world. The benefits of TMA’s e-Hygeia Telemedicine Platform can be realized in two ways: virtually in real time through tele-consults, home consults and appointments that take place between multiple facilities (sometimes crossing time zones and countries) and through “Store and Forward” or second opinion type services where providers create and distribute patient information to other healthcare professionals without having to coordinate the schedules of the patient or the medical providers.

Create a Patient Case:

  • import the patient record into the database or manually create a new patient record
  •  automatically save all medical data captured during the telemedicine session directly into the patient’s record via HL7
  • add comments and files specific to each patient’s case

Collaborate with Consulting Physicians or Remote Site Users:

  • tactical tele-appointments
  •  emergency incidents
  •  scheduling
  •  assign consulting physicians to specific resources
  •  refer cases to another physician for a second opinion
  •  secure email notification is sent when a patient case is referred to a physician
  •  all remote users can view each patient’s medical history with secure web-based access
  •  the minimal bandwidth needed so remote physicians can easily consult using a laptop or any tablet

As a cloud-based solution, TMA’s e-Hygeia Telemedicine Platform equips healthcare providers with a powerful enterprise-level tool that eliminates the heavy burden of maintaining a locally installed native system, while delivering all the benefits of cloud computing. TMA’s e-Hygeia Telemedicine Platform is a SaaS offering delivering cost-efficient licensing, platform access from anywhere, redundant backup and recovery, the highest level of data-center security and automatic software upgrades. We do all the work so you can focus on what you do best: providing the best healthcare possible to your crew.