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TMA provides customers with integrated solutions of the highest level, by combining Systems of Computer science based Healthcare and medical – technological equipment which is the “state of the art” technology and is in position to provide the most excellent services of completion, projects of information technology (system integration).

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Our Steps
Our Workig Best Processs
"As Is"

Study of the existing situation of costumer

“To Be”

Complete description and depiction of the proposed solution

“Gap Analysis”

Study of necessary processes on the concretization of solution

Application Study
Study of project

TMA begins from the study of a project, aiming at comprehending the needs of the customer. The record file of every project contains:


On the basis of the final record file of the project and the requirements to the customer the already existing software is developed or configured.


The next step is the concretization of the project, based on the specifications and the processes they are described in the project study. The concretization includes:
Installation of the offered medical – technological equipment
Installation of the Informative System
Parametrization of the Informative System
TMA, based on its experience in project management of big scale considers the service of parametrization as a critical factor for the successful concretization and completion of the project. A decisive point of the project completion is the project study and the comprehension of customer’s requirements.


Critical factor on the success of a completed project of information technology is the training of the customer in the new informative environment, which facilitates comprehension of each workflow. Training is planned and fulfilled from Application Specialists, based on the particularities of each customer, as well as the competences of his executives and personnel.

Support – Maintenance

After the delivery of the project to the customer the Support and Maintenance of the Informative System begins. The customer has the possibility of selecting the services that he wishes to have, through the completed catalog that TMA offers.


TMA’ s philosophy is the solutions we offer to our customers to be always completed (Turn Key Solutions). In other words, on contrary to activities of the relevant business area of information technology (distribution of products of information technology, software development, services consulting, etc), TMA proposes solutions that constitute products of regular study of the whole informative system with an accent in the future needs. Gives the future opportunity of extension, modernization and upgrade.