PXP series is the most compact and light weighted system with powerful strength.

Human Indoor and outdoor radiography, home cares, military use, emergency, security


The lightest system with powerful outputs

The lightest body of our portable makes easy mobility for outdoor radiography. Strong power capacity but the slim and compact design is one of its strongest features.

Exclusive remote control function by a hand switch

This patented remote control software allows total control of all your custom technique values without placing your unit on the ground fumbling for awkward dials and display panel controls. This feature is exclusive and standard on all our portable units.

Clean diagnostic images by excellent high-frequency technology

The high quality of Poskom x-ray generator inside the machine realizes brilliant clinical images by stable x-ray outputs with lowest ripples.

Good-looking design and user-friendly function

User friendly operation and functions are the most important elements of our portable design. Our exclusive remote controller, auto distance laser beam guider, display reverse switch and other convenient menus will maximize your work efficiency.

Comprehensive product range diversified by power capacity and applications

Output capacity varies from 1.2kW to 3.2kW and each models have appropriate design fit for diversity of field applications. Customers can find optimal items for each use and requirements among our product lines. Functional and outward renovation are available upon regional characteristics and user’s request.