Telecardiogram Service

Telematic Medical Applications provides telecardiogram services supported by its associated network cardiologists or the patients’ cardiologist.

Every patient can take a cardiogram, no matter where he is, just in seconds, by using a small and functional appliance that he can always have with.

After that, the patient communicates, via mobile phone or landline, with the automatic telephone system of Telematic Medical Applications and sends his cardiogram with the help of the automatic voice messages.

Patent’s physician receives via e-mail the cardiogram immediately, while he is informed via an SMS for the new incident that occurred.

The telecardiogram service use finally puts an end in bulky and difficult to use Holters while the telecardiogram device of Telematic Medical Applications is smaller than a mobile phone and can be used when and where the patient needs it.`

The communication directness and the bandwidth speed of medical data render the telecardiogram service essential for anyone that suffers from cardiac problems.

The possibility of direct correspondence and diagnosis by the physician could be lifesaving in incidents of emergency.