Technical Support Services

Support and maintenance of customer’s informative system are equally important processes, as much as the concretization of the system. TMA provides complete technical support in all series of its products. Besides that, TMA is in position to offer to our costumers’ extensive technical support for the conduct of conventions, meetings or other events aiming at their successful attainment.

During the concretization of a project and its testing period, TMA provides with its own responsibility, services of support that include:

Contracts’ maintenance services are supported and executed from experienced technical personnel of TMA and its collaborators, or from each supplier in such way so that is always ensured the availability and ceaseless operation of the systems.

TMA provides permanently, complete technical support in its customers with its own specialized personnel and in continuous collaboration with the experienced technical personnel of its suppliers. In our premise the following departments are operating:

Maintenance and support of systems are provided in the customers of TMA in the frames of maintenance contracts which are suitably planned to provide flexibility at the configuration of the maintenance contract, ideal for each individual company. So each company can select with or without spare parts included, variable years of response and re-establishment of damage, extended schedule of support that reaches 24 hours /7 days a week support and preventive maintenance.

TMA, via its extensive Network of Qualitative support, has the possibility of providing to its customers the same SLA (Service License Agreement), in any part of Greece. The SLA or Contract of Guarantee of Level of Provided Services, is a form of a convention -that accompanies the main convention- which in one hand, describes the total of services that are offered and in the other hand, determines their quality based on immediately measurable and pre-agreed criteria and indicators.