Software Development Services

The rapid growth of technology of Computers sweeps along in corresponding rhythm of growth the Completed Systems of Computer-based Healthcare. The growth of software has been rendered to an enough complex process, with the result the adoption of a constant and reasonable methodology to be necessary, so that reliable and completed solution of computerization to be produced. In the frames of this methodology, a Circle of Growth is designed, in which the software development acts are executed methodically in a logical order.

This circle, except the final product, produces a combination of documents, which describes extensively the tasks to be performed, as well as the logical steps and the specifications of the particular project. In the circle of growth a script nomenclature is defined which is followed by everyone.

The circle of growth is constituted by the following 7 steps:

During the accomplishment of the project, issues of revisions and changes are possible to occur in what has to do with the initial demands of the client and the software design. It is possible for changes to be made even during the development of the product. In any case, a strict procedure of oversight is retained for the approval of modifications.

TMA also offers the option of choice in every new project of the SaaS model (Software as a Service), with Open Source development tools.

The SaaS term is used to describe a new model of allocating and using software, which is available for customers to use as a subscriber service via the Internet. Based on this model and in contrast with the traditional way of software purchasing, the client doesn’t buy user licenses but acquires the right to use the software by subscribing for a particular time period.