Multi sensor monitoring

Remote monitoring of high-risk patients at home or at a hospital is crucial and lifesaving. It became even more important with the COVID-19 world pandemic. EwaveMD Medical helps health organizations promote public health by taking a proactive approach with a 360-degree telehealth solution that covers both the patient side hardware and control center software to offer a complete 360-degree solution.

How it works:

On the patient side, a small device kit is provided including a 12-Lead ECG and a dedicated mobile phone. With a few easy steps the pre-configured phone is paired with the ECG leads and to a local Wi-Fi network or a local SIEM card. Once everything is paired and registered, and the leads are attached to the patient, the system will now automatically start transmitting to the control center with constant online measurements, providing a full overview of the patient’s condition via these 8 parameters:

  • Up to 12-leads ECG
  • Blood pressure
  • Body temperature
  • Saturation
  • Respiration
  • Pulse
  • Body position
  • GPS location

After measurements are received at the control centre, it is analyzed and graphically presented using the control centre software provided. Nurses can monitor the patient regardless of physical location, whether at home, hospital, or even outside the country. Using preconfigured rules and AI engine, the measurements are constantly analyzed for abnormalities alerting the nurses to act when such incidents happen.