The state-of-the-art digital radiography system is designed to take digital radiographic images of the breast.

The MAMMOSCAN digital mammograph is designed for screening and diagnostic studies in general medical institutions and specialized centers.

– The most efficient full-format digital mammography solution on the market for high-resolution images in low-dose loads

– Customizable presets for the screening and diagnostic process significantly reduce examination time

– The reliability in operation and flexible architecture of MAMMOSCAN make it possible to use it both as a static and as part of a mobile mammography room

– The device can be provided both with a scanning scanner, the advantage of which is the best resolution on the market – 10 line/mm pairs, and with a flat panel scanner with a resolution of 7 line/mm pairs and higher contrast sensitivity, the advantage of which is high speed of image acquisition

– Significant reduction of the effect of scattered radiation on X-ray image quality

– High resistance to the instability of humidity and ambient temperature

High resolution images guarantee reliable detection of breast cancer and other pathologies.

With a 27 µm diagnostic solution, the MAMMOSCAN digital mammograph provides improved breast imaging, creating conditions for more reliable detection of tumors and micro-abnormalities. The spatial resolution of 20 line pairs/mm provides additional diagnostic capabilities compared to other digital mammography systems available on the market.

Advanced scanning technology reduces dose load and increases image resolution

MAMMOSCAN implements a patented narrow beam X-ray scanning technology, which effectively eliminates scattered radiation, which leads to a reduction in radiation exposure and improves overall image contrast. In most mammography systems, scattered radiation increases the noise level in the image, which requires compensation by adding a screening grid.

As a result, this leads to an increase in radiation dose (including the mammary gland) in order to provide the required dose level to the detector surface. When using scanning technology, no screening grid is required, which for the patient means a reduction in radiation dose.

– An X-ray image of the mammary gland is obtained by scanning (exposure) with a narrow fan-shaped X-ray beam

– The projection X-ray image of the scanned breast area is recorded by an X-ray sensitive detector based on a CCD-TDI matrix coated with a scintillator, the movement of which is synchronized with the movement of the scanning X-ray beam

The reliable detector ensures that there are no ‘non-functional’ pixels.

The MAMMOSCAN tumor scanner uses the TDI (“delayed accumulation”) operating principle, which eliminates non-functional pixels and provides excellent image quality at a minimum dose. During scanning, each object appears more than a hundred times, thus providing a representation of the image.

Low sensitivity to environmental influences and greater flexibility in the choice of installation location due to the detector design

The detector developed for MAMMOSCAN is not sensitive to high and low temperatures, which allows the device to be installed in areas that do not require constant temperature control. This gives users more flexibility in choosing where to install the system.

The automated examination process increases productivity.

Isocentric rotation motorized movements combined with customizable presets of the inspection and diagnostic process significantly reduce examination time. Positioning control panels, accessible from all sides of the device, including the top of the device, make lateral positioning more convenient. The automatic decompression function releases the patient’s chest immediately after exposure for added comfort.

The automatic exposure control system guarantees image quality.

MAMMOSCAN is equipped with a fully automatic exposure control system (AES) that is sensitive to the structure of the mammary gland. This ensures that the correct mode of operation of the transmitter is selected, which leads to high image quality at extremely low dose load.

Tungsten anode – for even more effective dose reduction

Image quality and the patient’s radiation dose are reacting factors in mammography. MAMMOSCAN uses an X-ray tube with a tungsten anode, which reduces the patient’s radiation exposure by using the optimal radiation spectrum.

Award-winning software and ergonomic design ensure patient comfort during the examination

The patient-centric design of the MAMMOSCAN has been recognized and features such as side handles help the patient maintain stability during both cranio-sacral (SS) and medial lateral (MLO) projection. The curved surface of the detector increases the comfort level for the patient during the examination.

MAMMOSCAN is the only scanning mammography system capable of performing a stereotactic biopsy procedure. This option turns MAMMOSCAN into a full-featured diagnostic device wherever it is located. The progress of the biopsy procedure is monitored from the operator’s workstation, which provides an automated examination process during the delicate procedure and allows the operator to focus on the patient.

Fully integrated solution

MAMMOSCAN can be supplied as a complete diagnostic system, including a diagnostic workstation, a PACS server, a NAS storage device, a dry-print medical printer and CAD software. With this configuration, MAMMOSCAN can be used in any clinic or radiology center as a stand-alone diagnostic device with full capabilities.

The acquisition and analysis of radiographic images is managed by software from automated workstations.

The mammoscan digital mammograph provides:

– Extremely low dose load on the mammary gland.

– High spatial resolution and contrast resolution.

– Significant reduction of the effect of scattered radiation on X-ray image quality.

– High resistance to instability of humidity and ambient temperature, including transport and storage.