A mobile mammography room housing a low-dose digital mammograph.

MAMMOEXPRESS is a mobile radiology room designed for on-site mammography screening in businesses, remote settlements, and hard-to-reach areas.

The transportable digital mammography room provides access to preventive screening for residents of remote areas

The MAMMOEXPRESS transportable digital X-ray mammography room helps reduce breast cancer morbidity and mortality by improving access to screening tests in remote, inaccessible, and poorly equipped areas. MAMMOEXPRESS expands the possibilities for early diagnosis of breast cancer by allowing women who lack free time or live in rural areas to receive a specialist opinion from a mammologist.

Optimal internal layout for calm and efficient work

In addition to a treatment room equipped with MAMMOSCAN and a laboratory assistant workstation, MAMMOEXPRESS has a furnished waiting room with a registration table, as well as changing rooms.

1. MAMMOSCAN low dose digital mammograph

2. Operator workstation

3. Patient changing room

4. Wash basin

5. Generator

6. Cabinet

7. A place to wait

– Compact, economical design solution

– Ergonomic layout of the X-ray room based on the typical requirements for fixed X-ray rooms of a medical institution

– Comfortable conditions for the work of medical staff and for the examination of patients

– The office life support system consists of subsystems: Sanitary and hygiene (washbasin, bactericidal transmitter), heating, ventilation and lighting

– High resistance of the mammograph to vibration transfer, temperature and humidity changes of the environment, including storage.