MAMMOEXPERT uses innovative tomosynthesis technologies, allowing doctors and patients to receive more accurate information thanks to an improved algorithm for early detection of malignant neoplasms.

The MAMMOEXPERT X-ray mammography machine is designed to take digital radiographic images of the mammary glands during screening and diagnostic mammography. The device additionally allows for tomosynthesis.

Advantages of MAMMOEXPERT:

– Clear and detailed image without noise.

– Clear image with a clear and clean image.

– Wide spatial resolution.

– High quantum detector performance.

– High quality mammographic image post-processing.

Highly detailed 3D image with minimum number of objects:

– Unique tomosynthesis motion mechanism.

– X-ray tube with wide travel angle.

– High resolution in the plane.

– Efficient reconstruction algorithm.

Fast and error-free diagnostic process:

– High capture speed.

– Seamless ergonomics.

– Intuitive hardware control and MAMMOEXPERT software interface.


– Optimization of breast screening and diagnostic procedures.

Significantly reduced radiation levels:

– High-performance tube and generator.

– Intelligent automatic exposure control.

– Optimized exposure settings.

Full range of advanced diagnostic methods:

– Stereotactic breast biopsy

– Improved procedure for dual energy acquisition.

The MAMMOEXPERT mammography machine is designed for the diagnosis of mammary glands and detection of breast cancer, detection of malignant tumors and cancer prevention in hospitals, clinics, healthcare institutions and medical centers.

– Intelligent automatic exposure control during mammography – High DQE and MTF, which can significantly reduce the dose load on the patient and maintain excellent diagnostic image quality – Automatic quality control of the resulting breast image – High-performance algorithm for MAMMOEXPERT tomosynthesis reconstruction

– Use of advanced telemetry algorithms

– Intuitive software and hardware interface of the machine

-Mammography software and hardware – Optimized screening and diagnostic process to increase mammography performance – Optional workstation tilt function for easy patient positioning.

– High-performance X-ray tube and generator

– Automatic innovative pre- and post-processing procedure