Scalable up to >4000 TB net capacity:
Silent Cubes System
Modular, flexible, energy-saving

The heart of this ultra-secure storage solution is the Silent Cube long-term storage unit. Its high degree of specialization and quadruple redundancy effectively protects all your data against loss at the minimum cost of ownership.
The Head Unit connects the ultra-secure Silent Cubes long-term storage units with the customer‘s infrastructure. It manages the long-term storage through a browser-based user interface and acts as α cache for incoming and outgoing data.

Silent Cube storage systems are scalable into the petabyte realm. You can add storage units at any time – even after years – and thus keep up with your needs as they grow.

The Silent Cubes System is best suited or archiving needs requiring maximum flexibility, e.g. archiving data from multiple departments, email archiving, HSM architectures, PACS archives