JiveX Radiotherapy

Integration of Radiotherapy into Enterprise-Wide Communication

Enterprise-wide image management requires the consistent support of imaging processes and modalities also outside of radiology. Requirements include archiving and presentation of planning data from radiotherapy. Due to the fact that this data needs to be available for the purpose of follow-up during the course of several years, it needs to be archived in a patient-oriented way for retrieval in the context of therapy.

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Optimizing patient care

JiveX Radiotherapy allows for visualization required in accordance with the DICOM RT standard. The system is capable of presenting RT data from all common modalities in the market, and to carry out vendor-independent archiving of radiotherapy planning. Besides the therapy plan (RT Plan), documentation of the radiation dose (RT Dose), as well as structure data of organs and target volumes (RT Struct), is the key element of the documentation. This permits users to load and display, in the context of therapy planning and the image data it is based on, the planned exposure dose data as well as the significant body regions or organ contours. In addition, the varying radiation intensity of a region can be compared, e. g., with the planning target volume. The visualization of the required and expected dose distribution in defined body regions of the patient can be configured, and it works together with the DICOM output from products by various vendors of planning software.

The system ensures fast and effective viewing and distribution of key information in radiotherapy. This supports shared work processes in interdisciplinary cooperation. Due to the fact that information from imaging procedures as well as planning data can be retrieved in a single system, diagnostic accuracy in follow-ups increases significantly.

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Flexible archiving, rapid access

Archiving of images and reports is done in a flexible manner, adapted completely to the needs of the individual customer – but always in DICOM format. Data can be stored online, in a Storage Area Network (SAN), on shared hard disk systems in a network (Network Attached Storage, NAS), or on a direct attached hard disk system (RAID). Offline storage is done on DVDs, BluRay discs, or magnetic tapes which are handled either manually or by robots. Before archiving of image data, feedback is given to the leading information system. The reconciliation with the order communication ensures process quality.

A further option for long-term archiving is JiveX Storage Service for PACS (SSP). This service enables the customer to store the data in an external archive operated by a service provider. This type of data storage enables cost-optimized operation for the user. With the full orientation of fees towards use, the customer is not required to make investments and tie up capital. Cost can be planned because there are no additional expenditures for migration, administration, or maintenance.