JiveX Multi Site PACS

Fast and Secure Communication of Image Data across Multiple Sites

With more and more hospitals and medical practice merging or centralizing certain services, communication across sites is gaining key relevance within organizations. Multiple sites or centralized radiology present organizations with extraordinary challenges in the area of image logistics. It is in particular in this respect that the reliable management of workflows, as well as the safeguarding of data consistency and quality, is of key importance in cross-site diagnostics and quality of patient care.

JiveX Multi Site PACS

Fast and secure access to image data

Communication across multiple sites creates high requirements with regard to information logistics. As is the case with a central organization, the required data and images need to be accessible at any time from any computer in the network. This is of particular importance for prompt reporting. There are basically two strategies to ensure fast retrieval of images: according to the on-demand approach, the physician retrieves the images manually, as required, from a central server. According to the routing approach, he receives them automatically, in accordance with predefined rules, delivered directly to the PC at his workplace. In order to safeguard the security of communication in the entire network, the system allows for cross-site user administration with the support of directory services such as LDAP and Active Directory.

In addition to the mere communication of image data, the system also contributes to the optimization of workflows across sites. The Study Access Manager, e.g., documents the reporting and process state of every single image. This allows tracing, at any time, which study is currently, or was previously, opened by which user. Whenever a user accesses a study which is already opened at the time, he receives information pertinent to that. This helps avoiding, on the one hand, unintentional duplicate reports, and on the other hand, there is up-to-date information in the worklists about the reporting status of an image. This is a major contribution to the consolidation of worklists across sites.

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Options for internal and external communication of image data

Cross-sector and integrated models of care are increasingly gaining importance in optimized patient care. For efficiency and quality, fast and seamless communication of image and reporting data is the key. VISUS offers its customers manifold options of setting up efficient communication between the various healthcare providers in the care chain. The first step towards efficiency and reduced cost are patient CDs; this process is integrated completely into the departmental workflow and is initiated by a click of the mouse.

A further option is to make available, for retrieval by referring physicians, the images from exams and authorized reports for their patients on a separate web server protected by a password. Physicians log in and can then access information via an encrypted communication path, using a web application.

An alternative solution is provided by sending DICOM E-mails in compliance with the recommendations of the German Radiological Society. Use of common e-mail technology allows to easily create connections with referrers or other healthcare organizations. This technology enables care providers to link in without any significant technical or financial effort involved. In order to receive image data, all that is required are a connection to the Internet as well as a DICOM E-mail enabled the application.

If a multitude of sites is to be integrated, JiveX Radiology can create an independent DICOM network across various sites. The communication platform used for this purpose allows for highly efficient image distribution via secured data connections.

All processes carried out with JiveX Radiology – whether within the campus or in off-campus communication – can be protocolled and tracked. This creates effective quality management which safeguards the quality of every step in the process, and of the overall result.

Flexible archiving, rapid access

Archiving of images and reports is done in a flexible manner, adapted completely to the needs of the individual customer – but always in DICOM format. Data can be stored online, in a Storage Area Network (SAN), on shared hard disk systems in a network (Network Attached Storage, NAS), or on a direct attached hard disk system (RAID). Offline storage is done on DVDs, BluRay discs, or magnetic tapes which are handled either manually or by robots. Before archiving of image data, feedback is given to the leading information system. The reconciliation with the order communication ensures process quality.

A further option for long-term archiving is JiveX Storage Service for PACS (SSP). This service enables the customer to store his data in an external archive operated by a service provider. This type of data storage enables cost-optimized operation for the user. With the full orientation of fees towards use, the customer is not required to make investments and tie up capital. Cost can be planned because there are no additional expenditures for migration, administration, or maintenance.