JiveX Data Center

Audit-Proof Long-Term Archiving for Hospital Groups and Data Centers


Data and information count among the key goods in healthcare organizations. They need to flow smoothly in order to safeguard processes for optimal patient care and to enable the efficient operation of a hospital. This is supported by the availability of complex information systems in almost all the departments of a hospital. The return flow of information of all sorts, too, plays a role in this. The protection of sensitive, person-oriented data in the German healthcare system is regulated by a multitude of heterogeneous laws, directives, norms, and regulations. All this entails high requirements on structured, audit-proof long-term archiving.

High availability in centralized archiving

In Germany the radiologist is required to archive the images, intact, together with the respective reports for 10 to 30 years, or even for a longer time in certain cases. If a hospital realizes this in digital format, it needs to address topics, such as changing storage media and data migration, and to safeguard smooth operations for the long term. All this presents a cost issue, and it requires valuable staff resources.

VISUS offers a solution which meets these challenges. JiveX Data Center has been designed for digital long-term archiving and for high availability of medical imaging data and documents. Hospitals in groups, as well as data centers acting as service providers, can operate the solution. The central archiving facilitates data backup processes and helps consolidate IT budgets. With all the data converging at one point, the complete system can be managed without any great effort even in large networks. Supervision is straightforward due to the fact that only one single monitoring system is required. Altogether, central archiving brings about transparent processes for the entire organization.

Open system structures

JiveX Data Center helps taping synergy and cost savings potentials for hospital groups and hospital management organizations with their own data centers. This makes it possible, e. g., to realize the entire image archiving and image communication consistently and comprehensively. Thanks to open interfaces and multi-level encryption, standard as well as individual processes can be realized in compliance with multi-client requirements. The solution is independent from the IT infrastructure and can be integrated into virtually every environment.

It is in particular the IT interfaces which, more often than not, present a challenge. On the one hand, consistency of data needs to be maintained, and on the other hand, smooth processes have to be safeguarded in order to ensure the availability of medical information. It is only when these aspects are catered for that continuous reliability of operation, i.e., availability of systems and data, is ensured. Reliable IT systems safeguard continuous data archiving and access at any time – 24 hours per day and seven days per week.

Thanks to its interfaces with all common PACS solutions, the JiveX Data Center allows for the design of an independent archiving network across multiple sites. Its high flexibility and capacity for integration make it an essential IT component for the professional operation of the PACS.

Supplementary services

In addition to the solution and the usual services, VISUS also offers its customers comprehensive consulting services. Major aspects of a conclusive master concept for archiving include, e. g., resilience and redundancy, individual dimensions of the system, the licenses required, and, last but not least, the support package. The project management includes training and induction of end users by experienced VISUS staff on site.

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