JiveX – Open and Transparent

Key benefits of the JiveX system are the support for, and simplification of, key work processes of all clinical departments which work with the PACS solution. As an example, the flow of image data is supported – from capture and reporting to a generation of patient CDs and image distribution. For this purpose, JiveX offers numerous options for automated data processing and data communication. In addition, flexible interfaces and modules help to achieve ideal data quality.
Workflow Modules for the JiveX PACS Server

JiveX Server Sync Manager

The JiveX Server Sync Manager can automatically synchronize changes to DICOM objects, annotations, results, and user profiles on multiple, independent server systems at different locations. This module ensures that changes performed on one system are transmitted to other systems so that the corresponding changes can be made. This allows data files and user data to be kept consistent. The JiveX Server Sync Manager is used at a site as part of a JiveX TWIN server installation to provide synchronization between a central server and a departmental server, and it can also be used for cross-site facilities (Multi-Site PACS).

JiveX Multi-Site Query

Via JiveX Multi-Site Query, external JiveX Communication Servers in remote offices can be connected to a central JiveX Archive in such a way that these can be used as a complete system or as stand-alone systems. Whether a JiveX user loads image data from JiveX workstations; from JiveX Web 2.0, or from external modalities, access to image data is via DICOM Query/Retrieve. Remote sites have access to local image data as well as to centrally located image data, including all prior studies as if they were available locally in a complete system.

JiveX DICOM Worklist Broker

Via JiveX DICOM Worklist Broker, the integration of practitioner’s computer systems, hospital information systems, and department solutions (RIS, CIS, OR planning, functional diagnostics) into a DICOM network is realized, and also worklist management. For this purpose, the system supports all relevant data exchange formats and interfaces*.

JiveX DICOM Import Gateway

With the JiveX DICOM Import Gateway (formerly JiveX Patient CD Import Gateway), DICOM files can be imported into PACS with assured quality. Data can be imported from patient CDs and DVDs or from a directory. For this purpose, a DICOM worklist can be queried and reconciled with the DICOM data to be imported.

JiveX HL7 Gateway

Via this gateway module, data communication with clinical information systems is realized. Application areas include the communication of orders and reports, as well as the safeguarding of data consistency.

JiveX PDF Print Gateway

The JiveX PDF Print Gateway permits quality-assured printing of documents from arbitrary applications such as Hospital Information Systems (HIS) or Radiology Information System (RIS) over worklists in a PACS as DICOM PDF objects. By its own printer driver, the document conversion is made directly into PDF format. Subsequently, this newly generated PDF document can be linked to patient data and then sent as DICOM PDF object to a PACS.

JiveX Study Verification Manager

The JiveX Study Verification Manager offers the option of reconciling incoming image studies in the PACS with orders from the patient administration system. Orders can be accepted via the JiveX HL7 Gateway* and DICOM worklist protocol. This software module is a key component for structured quality assurance.

JiveX Presentation Manager

The JiveX Presentation Manager provides workflow support for image content presentation. Many applications are supported such as the preparation of images for clinical demonstrations; the planning of operations; preparation of images for patient consultations; and image distribution. During diagnosis, only a mouse click is ­required to save, in the central image database, the images and associated annotations that result from an investigation. The data saved includes images and annotations from preliminary investigations and information about the associated procedures (workflow steps).

JiveX Case Collection

Based on the JiveX Presentation Manager*, this module allows the creation of a customized digital case collection directly in the PACS. You can assign and categorize a study immediately at a ­dia­g­nostic workstation. As no media breaks occur and diagnosis must not be interrupted, a case collection can develop and grow without additional effort as part of the daily routine.

JiveX DICOM Router

The JiveX DICOM Router is the optimal routing solution for ­automated and rules-based forwarding (auto-routing) of medical images in a network. This system is perfectly suited for use in teleradiology and is flexible in its adaptability to individual requirements.

JiveX DICOM Mail Gateway

The JiveX DICOM Mail Gateway enables the PACS server to send and receive studies with images and reports in the DICOM format, compliant with the Standard Recommendation of the Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft (DRG). This system was developed ­specif­­i­cally for smooth and safe communication in non-time-critical applications. Typical application scenarios are image transfer to referring physicians and caregivers handling post-acute treatment.

JiveX LDAP Gateway

The JiveX LDAP Gateway supports you in integrating the JiveX system into your existing user and permissions management. The JiveX LDAP Gateway enables you to access user accounts of an LDAP server and to implement the rights of the JiveX groups there. Log-on to the JiveX system is carried out by authentication against the LDAP server. Thus, avoiding double maintenance of user identifications and passwords.

JiveX Mammo Screening Manager

This JiveX solution represents all processes for image management in mammography screening. It consists of a management component which interfaces to mammography screening invitation and management software. The system was designed specifically for compliance with the demanding requirements regarding image logistics in mammography screening.

JiveX Study Access Manager

The JiveX Study Access Manager checks which study has been opened, or is currently in use, by which user. In case another user accesses this study, a note is displayed indicating that a study has been opened by multiple users. This module helps actively to avoid duplicate medical reports, in particular for providers of care with multiple sites. On the other hand, the current reporting status of your images can be identified in the worklists.

JiveX DICOM RT Module

The JiveX DICOM RT Module enables the display of planning information from radiotherapy in accordance with the DICOM RT standards in JiveX Diagnostic, JiveX Diagnostic Advanced, and JiveX Demonstration. Visualization of required and expected dose distribution in respective body regions of the patient is configurable and interoperates with DICOM output from products of various planning software vendors.

JiveX ECG Workflow Module

The JiveX ECG Workflow Module allows for integrating ECG examinations into the work and image distribution processes of the JiveX image management. All JiveX Clients are given the option to display the ECG data stored in the JiveX system. With the JiveX Review and even more specialized workstations, ECG examinations can be printed on paper as a 1:1 representation, and with the JiveX Diagnostic Client, the JiveX Diagnostic Advanced Client, and the JiveX Demonstration Client, electronic reporting is possible. The JiveX ECG Workflow Module allows you to integrate paperless ECG seamlessly into your image distribution and reporting processes.

JiveX Display Consistency Report Manager

The JiveX Display Consistency Report Manager helps in performing your working-day review display consistency check paperlessly. The results are stored centrally in the PACS database per workspace and record the profile data of all connected displays vendor-independently. The output is a formatted, cumulated PDF file.

* Respective extension module is required.

System requirements and functionality according to current product specification, DICOM and HL7 Conformance Statements, IHE Integration Statement, as well as Platform Product Clearance Policy. Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you select most suitable hardware, and suggest the use of systems certified by JiveX (JiveX Certified System).