Custom-tailored Communication and Crosslinking

JiveX can be connected smoothly to any image source. Via the DICOM interface, CT, MRI, or digital X-ray can be linked; via the video interface, integration of endoscopy or of analog ultrasound devices is possible.

In this context, the JiveX Communication Server acts as the communication hub: it provides all connections to the PACS, it ensures end-to-end work processes, as well as safe and fast retrieval of images and reports within the practitioner’s, IT system, the HIS, RIS, or other documentation systems.

Based on national and international standards, JiveX works in conjunction with the systems of other leading manufacturers. Of course, it complies with the requirements of IHE specifications.

The JiveX Communication Server boosts extreme scalability and is available in various versions catering for your individual needs.

The JiveX PACS Server which fits Your Individual Needs
JiveX Communication Server

This is the standard version of the PACS Server. It is capable of making available all relevant services required for smooth opera­tion of the PACS. For this purpose, it generates all connections and combines the various modules into an individual image management solution.

The integrated image database allows for the DICOM objects of various modalities to be managed online at any time. With the suitable extension module, the desired long-term archiving strategy can be realized. The simple connection of various JiveX Communication Servers allows the construction of a flexible DICOM communication platform. This allows the realization of, for example, the networking of sites, focused load separation, as well as campus-wide image management.

The JiveX system can be integrated very well into an existing system infrastructure thanks to its flexible interfaces and can be extended at any time due to its modular setup.

JiveX TWIN Server

The JiveX TWIN Server is the highly available PACS Server in the JiveX family of products. It features all functions of the JiveX Communication Server plus additional options for high availability. For this purpose, two servers are installed which are independent of and synchronized with, each other. Depending on the given hardware and network infrastructure as well as customer requirements, an individual for system stability concept is feasible based on the JiveX TWIN Server.

All extension modules of the PACS Server need to be licensed for one server only in the case of JiveX TWIN Server installations. The same is true for services running on both servers.

JiveX Communication Server (Embedded Version)

The embedded version is a version of the JiveX Communication Server with reduced functionality which is embedded in individual independent modules and system components of JiveX. Examp­­les include the JiveX DICOM Worklist Broker, the JiveX DICOM ­Router, as well as the various versions of the JiveX workstation systems.

This JiveX Communication Server is laid out exactly in accordance with the DICOM communication requirements of the respective JiveX system.

JiveX Data Center Server

The JiveX Data Center Server is the central system component for long-term archiving in the data center. This solution is the final brick in the bridge between an in-house PACS solution and the archiving systems in a data center. For this purpose, the JiveX Data Center Server communicates directly with the JiveX Archive Gateway* which – on the part of the customer – manages the connection with the PACS Server via the DICOM protocol. The JiveX Archive Gateway handles ­encryption, compression, and caching of the DICOM data.

In the data center, the JiveX Data Center Server creates the interfaces to a monitoring system (for example HP OpenView) and to the archiving solution. For long-term archiving, connections can be made to the archiving systems of the leading vendors. The JiveX system can easily be integrated into an existing system infrastructure thanks to its flexible interfaces.

This solution was laid out in a way that IT staff in the data center can run it successfully with no DICOM know-how required. This enables high-availability 24/7 operation. It is fully multiclient enabled and provides transaction safety which is in accordance with the highest requirements in healthcare.

The respective extension module is required. System requirements and functionality according to current product specification, DICOM and HL7 Conformance Statements, IHE Integration Statement, as well as Platform Product Clearance Policy. Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you select most suitable hardware, and suggest the use of systems certified by JiveX (JiveX Certified System).