JiveX – Independent and Flexible

JiveX Modality Gateways provide the link between the PACS and the imaging devices (modalities). The JiveX system offers interfaces for the most diverse image and video formats, enabling it to connect almost any image source – be it digital or analog – with the PACS. No matter whether you work with CT, MRI, digital X-ray, angiography, nuclear medicine, ECG, or video endoscopy and photography – with JiveX you can archive any type of medical imaging data.

Based on national and international standards, JiveX works in conjunction with systems from other leading manufacturers. It goes without saying that JiveX complies with IHE requirements.

Modality Gateways for the JiveX PACS Server
JiveX DICOM Modality Gateway: the Communication Interface to the Modality

Via the JiveX DICOM Modality Gateway, all devices that are compliant with the DICOM standard are connected digitally within the network. This is how the communication between the modality and the PACS typically takes place. This gateway allows for image data to be sent directly, through the DICOM storage service, from the modality to the JiveX Communication Server. Via the same ­route, image data can be sent back.

The JiveX Communication Server* indexes incoming DICOM image data automatically. In addition, it is capable of processing data entry fields, keeping a log of the modifications, as well as to forward such data to other DICOM systems. Via the JiveX Study Verification Manager*, all incoming image data can be reconciled with, and attributed to, jobs from worklists.

Via the JiveX DICOM Modality Gateway, automated and rules-­based forwarding of medical image data (auto-routing) can be configured. Thus, for example, image data can be sent to a specific recipient, based on modality, referring physician or current day of the week. For the rule definition, all relevant DICOM fields can be combined with each other. Moreover, prior to this, some DICOM field contents can be modified and logged, based on a set of rules.

The received image data, DICOM videos, DICOM structured reports, DICOM PDF objects, etc. are checked syntactically during image receipt and – if applicable – the data is lossless compressed. The data is then optionally processed via the Archive Manager for long-term storage and is temporarily stored on the hard drive where it is available for the various clinical workflows.

JiveX File Import Gateway

The JiveX File Import Gateway provides functions that allow the reading of data from PDF files, JPEG files, and files including reports from the file system so that the data can be integrated into the workflow of hospitals and clinics via established DICOM-based infrastructures. The transferred files are converted to the DICOM format, sent via DICOM Storage Service to the JiveX Communication Server, or assigned as report objects to a study. Thus, data is continuously added to reporting workflows and clearly traceable at any time.

The JiveX File Import Gateway can monitor a defined directory, verify all files stored there at defined time intervals, transfer files, and, after successful import, delete or move them. For the import of JPEG images or PDF objects, association data such as name and patient ID, study date, and Accession Number can be read from a separate description file or interpreted from the file name.

All incoming image data can be verified against and assigned to work orders by using the JiveX Study Verification Manager*. Reports read from the file system can be assigned directly, via Accession Number, to an existing DICOM study in the JiveX Communication Server.

JiveX Analog Modality Gateway

The JiveX Analog Modality Gateway supports the acquisition and digitization of medical image data via a frame grabber. In addition, images, videos, and PDF files that were, for example, cre­ated as part of wound documentation using a digital camera, can be imported directly from the file system. The patient information can be entered manually, assigned via DICOM worklist, or added via DICOM Study Root Query to an existing patient or study. All acquired data can be exported as files, written on CD/DVD, or converted into DICOM format and sent to a PACS. Communicates solely via standard interfaces with other IT systems and can be connected to both the JiveX product family systems as well as other PACS systems.

JiveX Analog Modality Gateway AV

The JiveX Analog Modality Gateway AV is the standard tool for the acquisition and digitization of medical video images and ­video sequences. This module has the same functionality as the JiveX Analog Modality Gateway but can also receive and process video sequences. The key application areas of the JiveX Analog Modali­­­ty Gateway AV are endoscopy, microscopy, sonography, and OR documentation.

JiveX ECG Modality Gateway

The JiveX ECG Modality Gateway enables the digital storage of ­DICOM ECG data in the JiveX System. Therefore data formats of ­var­ious ECG vendors can be converted into the vendor-independent DICOM ECG standard. The JiveX ECG Modality Gateway enables you to store and archive your ECG examinations, integrating the ECG into the work and image distribution processes of the image management. ECG examinations can be viewed, paperless, at any JiveX desktop application, including JiveX Review Web*.

* Respective extension module is required.

System requirements and functionality according to current product specification, DICOM and HL7 Conformance Statements, IHE Integration Statement, as well as Platform Product Clearance Policy. Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you select most suitable hardware, and suggest the use of systems certified by JiveX (JiveX Certified System).