Individuality and Efficiency

The JiveX systems support a modular system architecture and can be extended, in the network, by various platform-independent desktop applications. JiveX supports, for respective areas of ­application, several operating systems. The JiveX Communication ­Server, which acts as the switchboard of the JiveX systems, manages the image database centrally and makes it available to the desktop applications.

Depending on the concept for the network, access to images from the workplace can take place suited to particular needs directly from the server (on-demand) or rules-based via automatic auto-routing/pre-fetching. In addition, the server makes available, via the DICOM Query/Retrieve protocol, a standard interface which allows for seamless integration of common third-party systems into the network at any time.

Workstation or Client

Desktop applications are differentiated according to workstation and client. Both systems offer benefits depending on the area of application and available network topology.

Client Application

Most desktop applications are used as a JiveX client application. This application accesses directly the PACS server in order to load image data (on-demand). A prerequisite for this is sufficient network capacity which should be adapted to the needs. For common application scenarios, standard networks are absolutely sufficient. Even reporting and clinical demonstration are highly performant on a usual network.

Workstation Application

A JiveX workstation consists of an embedded JiveX Communication Server with an integrated image database and independent DICOM communication services. This is how that work can be operated even without PACS server, with extension options for proprietary additional services. Via the integrated server, pre-fetching or auto-routing directly to the desktop application is possible. In addition, on-demand access to a central PACS server or a remote server can be realized via a WAN (wide area network) connection.

JiveX Desktop Applications

The development of JiveX desktop applications is based on differ­ent technologies. The basic system JiveX Review Web for image distribution facilitates Web technology with Adobe Flash. The viewing clients use Java technology and are functionally based on JiveX Review. In addition, all functions of JiveX Diagnostic are ­available in JiveX Diagnostic Advanced, JiveX Diagnostic Mammo, JiveX ­Diagnostic Tomosynthesis, and JiveX Demonstration.

JiveX Review Web

This desktop application for image and report distribution allows convenient and fast retrieval of images and reports via a Web browser. All image data is prepared for this purpose ­automatically in accordance with standards; in addition, it can be processed interactively.

JiveX Mobile

With the JiveX Mobile Client, the clinical user has quick access, for example during clinical visits, to all images and diagnostic data via a mobile device. JiveX Mobile can run as a stand-alone application or it can be integrated completely into your mobile HIS/RIS app. The image data is automatically prepared for this on the basis of standards and can also be edited interactively.

JiveX Review

With the JiveX Mobile Client, the clinical user has quick access, for example during clinical visits, to all images and diagnostic data via a mobile device. JiveX Mobile can run as a stand-alone application or it can be integrated completely into your mobile HIS/RIS app. The image data is automatically prepared for this on the basis of standards and can also be edited interactively.

JiveX Quality Assurance QA

The JiveX Quality Assurance Client enables direct access to the image database to allow for post-hoc correction of erroneously entered information. This process includes audit-proof logging of all modifications.

JiveX Diagnostic

The independent reporting software JiveX Diagnostic was designed for all imaging modalities based on the DICOM standard. It ­provides a broad spectrum of image processing options, including multiplanar reconstruction. In conjunction with the integrated workflow management, it provides rapid image reporting and top work efficiency in radiology, cardiology, endoscopy, sonography, and further imaging fields.

JiveX Diagnostic Advanced

The diagnostic software JiveX Diagnostic Advanced offers comprehensive image editing options for all DICOM modalities. In partic­ular, the tomography diagnostic is optimally supported by features such as integrated image registration, multiplanar reconstruction and 3D volume rendering. A real-time synchronization of corresponding mouse positions is possible across studies and representations (2D/3D).

JiveX Diagnostic Mammo

The independent reporting software JiveX Diagnostic Mammo was developed specifically for curative mammography and mammo­­­­­­­g­raphy screening. The highly specialized hanging and reading protocols meet the most challenging requirements for smooth work processes. As an option, the system disposes of the JiveX Mammo Report Manager which is a fully integrated module for reporting.

JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis

The reporting software JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis is not restricted to viewing and reporting mammography images – it also offers the option to display and diagnose tomosynthesis data sets. The software provides an adapted MIP algorithm for generating thin slice views and has an advanced image hanging options for ­tomosynthesis images.

The JiveX Mammo Report Manager is an extension module for JiveX Diagnostic Mammo* or JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis*. This software allows you to manage the entire reporting process for screening – from primary reporting to the consensus conference, with IHE compliant connectors to mammography information systems. Furthermore, supervision is supported. Seamless integration of the reporting editor with partly automated documentation provides the highest work efficiency and security.

JiveX Demonstration

As a specialized workplace for clinical demonstration and image representation, JiveX Demonstration offers extensive ­functionalities for preparing and realizing presentations as well as for image ­editing and diagnosis. The moderation mode provides you, on an additional managing monitor, with all relevant exam and report­ing information in a clear manner. For image representation in the operating room and for digital ward rounds, too, JiveX Demonstration is the ideal solution.

JiveX Vessel Analysis

This software is designed for fast and convenient vessel segmentation, analysis, and diagnosis. It is integrated with the JiveX Diag­nostic workstation. The software allows all extra cardiac vessels to be defined and segmented selectively. For the analysis of cardiac problems, JiveX Cardio Analysis is in preparation. This tool can view and measure pathologies, for example, stenosis or aneurysms, in curved MPR images. Measurement results are available automatically for integrated report creation.

JiveX DICOM Viewer

The JiveX DICOM Viewer is the image-viewing software for DICOM files. It is capable of loading and displaying DICOM files from a file directory or a removable medium (CD, DVD, USB stick, etc.). System handling is extremely easy and allows a variety of image processing functions.

The JiveX DICOM CD Viewer variation was produced specifically for the display of DICOM image files from patient CDs. It is ­capable, as an additional function, of displaying available report texts, and thereby provides the direct relation between image and report. The JiveX DICOM Mail Viewer variation allows for the ­retrieval of DICOM e-mails and can be coupled directly with the DICOM e-mail system. This makes it particularly suitable for referring physicians, as it enables easy and safe receipt of exams including image and report. The integrated image processing offers the usual functions regarding measuring, zooming, and window levelling of image data.

* Respective extension module is required.

System requirements and functionality according to current product specification, DICOM and HL7 Conformance Statements, IHE Integration Statement, as well as Platform Product Clearance Policy. Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you select most suitable hardware, and suggest use of systems certified by JiveX (JiveX Certified System).