JiveX Healthcare Connect: Making medical data available 

JiveX Healthcare Connect adapts perfectly to the requirements and needs of individual healthcare stakeholders. It provides solutions for sharing medical information for patients, medical health facilities, the medical services of health insurance companies.

To be able to communicate medical data across facility boundaries in a meaningful and use-based manner, JiveX Healthcare Connect includes the necessary functionalities based on modern technologies. JiveX Healthcare Connect provides various services that can be combined in different ways to map different communication scenarios.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a modern IT solution

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS), JiveX Healthcare Connect meets the requirements for a flexible, secure, and modern IT solution with transparent costs that also minimizes the work that needs to be done by the healthcare facility. The operation, data security, maintenance, upgrades and updates are the responsibility of the operating company, that is, VISUS. This makes JiveX Healthcare Connect an attractive solution for both those responsible for IT and management.

We expand data frontiers

JiveX Healthcare Connect links various healthcare stakeholders and ensures that medical data gets where it is needed. This enables healthcare to realize the true value of digital medical information and increase the quality of care and patient safety.



  • Make medical data available to patients
  • Enhance patient empowerment
  • Outstanding connections in medicine!
  • JiveX Healthcare Connect consolidates and refines the medical data exchange functions from previous product lines (JiveX Enterprise PACS and JiveX Healthcare Content Management). It includes solutions that are perfectly adapted to the technical specifications and legal requirements of individual agents in healthcare. JiveX Healthcare Connect undergoes continuous development so that it satisfies the needs of our customers and the market.

The benefits of JiveX Healthcare Connect at a glance:

  • Complete integration into your work environment
  • Use case based configuration
  • No licence costs and flexible run times
  • No on-site system operation
  • No additional hardware needed on site
  • Data storage in Germany
  • Central administration of the platform