Embedded Shipowner Liability insurance

Arranged by Naftilus Insurtech

Powered by Telematic Medical Applications (T.M.A.)

Industry Unlocking the Power of Telemedicine in the Marine

Immediate access to medical care: Seafarers have direct access to specialized doctors regardless of location.

Faster diagnosis and treatment: Telemedicine enables quick evaluation and accurate medical interventions on the ship. Improving patient condition when needed to get ashore for medical examination or hospitalization, thus protecting seafarer’s health and restraining medical expenses saving time, cost, and enabling uninterrupted work on the ship, minimizing the risk of relapses and accidents.

Improved onboard healthcare: Effective medical care delivery on the ship, reducing visits to onshore facilities.

Enhanced crew safety and well-being: Telemedicine promotes crew health, reducing accidents and work absences. Establishing a continuity of medical observation of crew members, through continuous medical guidance – surveillance of their medical issue. Resulting in increased loyalty to the company from employees.

Efficient management of medical incidents: Remote coordination and consultative support from specialized doctors.

How it works in 5 steps…

1. All the collected medical data of a seafarer is transmitted quickly and securely to the Private Cloud of No.A.H.’s Telemedicine system.

2. A TMA coordinator receives the medical case and transfers the collected medical data to the corresponding specialized 2 doctor.

3. 22 medical specialties operate on a 24/7 basis, providing continuous support to the 3 network.

4. There is always the option for live video communication through the TMA system’s teleconferencing, in real-time, between the patient or caregivers and the doctor, allowing the patient to receive specialized medical advice and care from the appropriate doctor for the case.

5. If it is deemed medically necessary for a seafarer who has suffered an illness or accident to be hospitalized or repatriated, the Shipowner/ Manager, as provided by industry-specific (MLC 2006), individual, or collective employment agreements, is hold liable for providing compensation for Death, Disability, Sickness Wages, Hospitalization and Outpatient Expenses, as well as Replacement and Repatriation expenses all are covered from the Insurance company.

Revolutionize Marine Crew Insurance with Telemedicine

Introducing our innovative embedded insurance solution in partnership with T.M.A (Telematic Medical Applications) that combines Telemedicine and Insurance to enhance the safety and well-being of seafarers while reducing costs.


Introducing our innovative embedded insurance solution in partnership with Naftilus Insurtech

By incorporating the benefits of Telemedicine into Crew liability insurance, we present a unique and comprehensive value proposition.

Through exclusive partnerships, we create unique value…

T.M.A. has developed exclusively for the specific needs of the merchant navy an integrated system called “Noah Ark of Health (No.A.H.)” for Maritime Telehealth.

It includes portable self-contained telemedicine system that can be configured with the highest quality medical devices and technology required for accurate patient assessment in mobile or remote applications.

Is also can be configured via comprehensive smartphone Application with Ai, consisting of diagnostic medical devices, all certified by the FDA and Inmarsat for high quality and accuracy. Alternatively, it can be accessed through a telehealth application on a mobile device or laptop, enabling remote examination and handling of medical events for patients anywhere on the planet.