PACS software for true 10-bit display – designed for stationary and mobile use.

PROPAXX is the software for viewing, processing and archiving that offers you multifunctional and flexible support in the diagnosis of x-ray images. In addition to the wide spectrum of possibilities to optimize and analyze image data, the software includes a selection of useful administrative tools and assisting functions, as e.g. the integrated interface for reporting the clinical findings or synchronic viewing of x-ray images in the digital lightbox from the same window and zoom perspective.

The attractive design supplements the user-friendly handling concept that accompanies the user during the entire working process.

The core part of the PROPAXX system is the image archiving server, which is accessible from different viewing stations. This client-server-architecture and its modular layout enable expansion of functions as well as the number of viewing stations according to user requirements. In addition, the flexible license and user model allows individualization of different workstations in their use and design workplace independent “Concurrent User” Licence Model).

Communication interfaces enable PROPAXX to connect to further system components. Thus, direct data and image exchange with image acquisition systems and modality consoles (e.g. CONAXX 2) can be realized easily. The DICOMservices implemented in PROPAXX are available to all DICOM compliant systems.