The New Jersey-based health system has upgraded its virtual front door to help consumers connect with care providers and other resources – including telehealth options and scheduling.

The key to success in today’s business world is online presence, and that’s no different in healthcare. A healthcare organization needs to have an appealing and convenient entry to virtual care if it wants consumers to become patients.

That routine has changed considerably with the coronavirus pandemic, which pushed many services onto telehealth platforms and prompted consumers to think about what they could access online. In response, healthcare organizations are sprucing up the digital front door, with resources, directories and scheduling and registration services that can be access from mHealth devices in the comfort of one’s home or office.

“We’re seeing some dynamic changes in healthcare as a result of COVID-19,” says Christine Hayek, corporate director of operations for AtlantiCare. “Expectations are now built on being able to go out and find what you’re looking for,” rather than just showing up at the nearest hospital or clinic and expecting to be seen.

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