Interface Suites

The key for successful and future-oriented software in ophthalmology is the connectivity and the range of interfaces supporting data communication between the heterogeneous systems and applications. Modern eye care environments are characterized by many digital diagnosis and therapy systems with the ability to exchange data with the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) or EcMR (Electronic Medical connected Record) system.

ifa systems offer the most comprehensive EMR solution worldwide with a seamless integration of more than 400 instruments and ophthalmic devices into the electronic medical record.

In the ophthalmic industry, instrument connectivity is crucial: more than 70% of all findings are made with the help of instruments. An EMR system needs to be able to interface to more than 25 different instrument categories.

The software engineers at ifa (also named the “connectivity company”) came up with a product which focuses on the transmission of instrument data: the ifa Interface Suite.

Connectivity Guarantee

As connectivity is the main focus of EMR users ifa systems AG offers the guarantee that all new devices which are introduced to the ophthalmic market and have data exchange functions can be connected to the ifa software.

The close cooperation with the vendors allows ifa to develop new interfaces always in a very early stage of the market launch of new high tech systems. For more information, please refer to the section Connectivity Guarantee.

HL7, DICOM and IHE eye care

Standards are the best protection elements for software investments. Therefore ifa supports and promotes all relevant standards like HL7, DICOM, and IHE evaluation frameworks. The ifa Interface Suite is a good starting point for multi-location offices with flexible needs.