Automatic patient data- and order management for HIS / PACS connection of non-radiological modalities

Patient Order Manager is a powerful application for modern hospital IT-environments, developed for the daily clinical usage in hospital-wide, non-radiological patient- and image-documentation. Especially in the OR and departments equipped with imaging devices, Patient Order Manager allows automatic or semiautomatic order management. The workflow here is similar to the RIS-based workflow in radiology. The outcome is a reliable and user-friendly link of „Nonradiology / Non-DICOM“ modalities to the hospital-wide PACS system.

Based on modern communication standards like HL7, Patient Order Manager generates department or hospital-wide worklists i.e. for:

  • Surgical departments / Operating rooms
  • Digital integrated Operating rooms (Endoscopy)
  • Emergency departments
  • Wound documentation
  • Gynaecology
  • Urology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Cardiology (cath lab)

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Time-consuming manual entry of patient data directly at the device is obsolete. Now the patients, identified by ID / case-no., are being assigned to the matching modality conveniently from a central station, i.e. at the OR control desk. Finally, the generated data from the
modality (images, videos, PDF etc.) are sent to the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) or PACS.

The assignment of patients to the matching modality is done automatically, by analysing the HL7 messages or individually adopted messaging structure (GDT / CSV etc.). The user can also generate device- or patient orders manually, via barcode / RFID-scan or Query from the HIS. DICOMWorklists are supported but are not mandatory. Thus, a device- or patient order to a non-radiological
modality can be generated with Patient Order Manager instead of the RIS. The modality sends the generated images, videos or PDFs to the EPR or PACS afterwards. The result is a smoother clinical workflow and more flexibility in the daily business.

Automatic data import from:

  • OR management / surgical planning software
  • Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • HL7 Gateway (i.e. eGate, Cloverleaf etc.)
  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • A query in the HIS: Name, ID, case-no. etc.
  • Assignment of patients to modalities
  • Generates „Surgical Worklists“ for surgical imaging

Automatic data export to:

  • Existing OR-Integration-Systems („Digital OR“)
  • Video-documentation systems in Endoscopy
  • DICOM Modality Gateways, i.e. VISUS
  • HL7 / DICOM Worklist Broker


  • Allows the integration of existing clinical imaging in the OR and diagnostic departments into an enterprise-wide PACS based image management
  • Easy to use for clinical staff
  • Runs in automatic mode as a standard with no need for user intervention
  • Central management of all attached imaging systems of an department
  • No need for manual patient data entry at the image device itself, resulting in a significant time saving for the clinical staff and reducing their workload
  • Supports existing digital integrated OR-solutions for video- and endoscopy-control
  • Supports existing mobile imaging systems like ultrasonic-, colonoscopy- or ECG-carts
  • Investment protection of the imaging systems


  • Clinical software-solution for management / creation of device- or patient-orders in the non-radiological environment, i.e. surgery, with unambiguous patient assignment
  • As a middleware to be integrated in almost any hospital IT-environment thanks to HL7 / GDT / DICOM – Worklist connectivity
  • Executable under Windows XP / Vista / 7 and all Windows Server-Editions
  • License model is per department, i.e. for surgery, gynecology, cardiology etc.