Capture+ HD is a professional medical video- and image documentation for the OR or examination room.

Capture+ HD enables the physician or surgeon to record still images or videos in Standard Definition or High Definition quality from common medical video sources (i.e. endoscopy, microscopy, ultrasonic) and export the recorded media either to a hospital server or to the central PACS. The patient data is directly imported via DICOM-worklist by the touch of a button on the medical screen.
The all-in-one PC system with integrated 21” touch-screen can be installed on a spring-arm, at the central ceiling unit or via the standard VESA-mounting bracket in any other place.

Documentation System for all modalities

Capture+ HD connects to any kind of medical video source and records still images and videos in brilliant quality. Since the system is using international standards, it can be connected to a variety of video-sources, like endoscopy, microscopy, ultrasonic and also “non-operation-room systems” like dermatological cameras, dental-cameras etc.

icon 75px DICOM

Integration into the hospital-wide image management

Fact: In most hospitals, the video-data image management is not part of the digital-workflow. Videos and still images are stored on stand-alone servers or even recorded to CD/DVD. HD Capture+ enhances the digital workflow in the hospital. It connects to the existing HIS and OR-scheduling system via the 21” touchscreen by a finger’s touch into the system. When the examination is done, the recorded images and videos (tagged with the patient data) can be exported to the central image-management system (PACS). The advantages of this method are seamless workflow, cost reductions as a result of eliminated printouts or searching and transportation of paper-based patient files. The medical staff can concentrate on patient care.

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Video Support

Capture+ HD is supporting the latest video standards. Video sources can be connected via analogue signals (Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video) and also digital signals (SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI). The system supports video-signals in SD-quality (720×6576) either in PAL or NTSC and even HD-quality (up to 1080i).

icon 75px touchscreen

Easy to use

Because of the integrated 21” touchscreen, the system can be used by a finger’s touch, no keyboard and mouse are required. The system will be delivered with a customized user-interface, matching the hospital’s individual requirements. Developed in close cooperation with surgeons and nurses, it perfectly supports the workflow in the OR and offers intuitive operation even for inexperienced users.

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Medical-Grade certified system

All important requirements for a medical grade panel PC are fulfilled. The cabinet has an all-around IP65 protection against fluids and dust. This allows a complete disinfection with common hospital disinfectants and detergents. This was approved by a hygienical report according to DGHM (German Association for Hygienic and
Microbiology). In addition to the perfect hygienic conditions, the cabinet is covered by a germicidal powder coating. This coating has a plain and closed surface what provides better hygiene than open-pored powder coatings. Furthermore, this model is tested by the rules of international safety norms IEC60601-1 and IEC60601-1-2.

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Comprehensive device protectionCapture-Gehaeuse

Capture HD+ is fully protected against dust and splash water and can be therefore easily disinfected without the possibility

of damaging the equipment. Dust cannot accumulate in the device thanks to the fanless design and therefore neither can germs. The germicidal and disinfectant-resistant coating is backed up by appropriate expert and test reports. The CONTURAN® single-pane protective glass from SCHOTT®, which is precisely fitted into the front, provides maximum protection against damage to the display and enhances the contrast ratio thanks to its high-quality anti-reflective coating.

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Easy installation

Capture HD+ is easy to install. The system will be delivered with a standard VESA-mounting bracket, which allows the system to be installed at various places like spring-arms, central ceiling units, etc. In addition, the system comes with an external power supply which can be placed inside the false ceiling, when the system will be installed at a spring-arm.

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Full-Service Concept

The full-service contract offers all software-updates to ensure the system is always supporting the latest medical IT-standards. If desired, Capture+ HD also allows remote-access by our support team. Further services-offerings are customised interface-programming and on-site training.