ASMIS Video-Server Software

ASMIS: Advanced Surgical Media Information System

ASMIS is a central storage system which will act as a “buffer” between the image creating systems inside the OR and the long-term archiving system (i.e. PACS) of the hospital. The main idea of the solution is that the long-term archiving system will not be swamped with uninteresting videos from the OR, instead only the important video sequences required for the documentation will be archived. For this reason, ASMIS features a lot of intelligent and automatic functions, which will support the clinical IT-workflow. ASMIS is developed in close cooperation with surgeons, biomedicals and hospital IT-departments to fulfil the best possible integration with different medical devices and IT-environments.

The server software provides the following features:

  • Import of JPG-Images and PDF-documents
  • Import of videos, supporting the formats MPEG -2, MPEG-4 Xvid, MPEG-4 H.264 and Motion-JPEG, Resolution up to Full-HD 1080
  • Automatic patient assignment via Patient-ID in the filename, HL7-Query for automatic completion of the supported demographical patient data and management of the patient assigned media in the integrated SQL Database; ASMIS supports HL7 Ver. 2.x and 3.0 (XML)
  • If required: manual assignment of pictures, videos and PDF-files to a patient by the user (client)
  • Predefined policies for automatic management of the media-files: the media-files will either be deleted or send to the central PACS server after their life has been expired. This can be configured individually by the file-type
  • Export-function for Media Files (automatic by policy or manually by using the client-software): DICOM-Send to a PACS (DICOM-SCP) and/or USB-Export using open file-format to a folder/USB-drive.
  • A text- and/or graphics overlay can be added to the exported files: i.e. hospital logo, the name of the patient, name of the hospital or surgeon, the standard text „Do not use for diagnostics” or a complete customizable text which can be entered by the user

The client software provides the following features:

  • Playback, adding comments or deleting single files inside the studies. Even long videos, i.e. with a duration of more than 2 hours will be ready for playback at the client within about 8 seconds (using a gigabyte-network)
  • Video Editing: Using start and stop markers videos can be cut into shorter sequences; the video processing will be done on the server, the local client PC can be used immediately after the job has been sent to the server.
  • Marker- and Comment-Function „Info-Pins”: At interesting points inside the video marks can be set (“Info-Pins”). A short text can be added as a comment to these Info-Pins. The playback will be stopped for a short time at the Info-Pins and the entered comment will be displayed. In addition, the server creates during a file export additional snapshots at every Info-Pin. If using PACS-Export a study will be created containing the original video and in additional snapshots from every Info-Pin. The comment entered at the Info-Pin will be displayed in the DICOM-tag “Image Comment”. Using this function the PACS archive can be browsed for the comment manufacturer independent, perfect for statistics, education or research. Using the open file-export the comment will be added to the snapshots using the video overlay function.
  • Simple Reports using integrated HTML-templates; the templates can be customized easily.

Manufacturer-independent and compatible:

ASMIS supports media-files from almost every source. A medical camera source or a digitally integrated operating-room sends its videos and snapshots to a network-share which ASMIS is listening to any changes.

If using ASMIS with HCI Capture+ HD inside the OR, the following advantages are provided:

Extremely fast video export from the operating room

Videos recorded with Capture+ HD don’t have to be re-encoded before they will be exported to ASMIS. After the export ASMIS is re-encoding the video files in the background. Advantage: Even if long videos will be exported the process will not take more than 2 minutes (using a Gigabyte network). The Capture+HD is immediately available for the next surgery.

Smart documentation function „Movie around Snap“

Surgeries performed in the operating room will be recorded completely. During the surgery (will the recording is active) snapshots can be taken at interesting points by the surgeon. This can be done via foot-switch or using the endoscopic camera head button “ACC”. The snapshots will be used to mark the point for the smart documentation. After the surgery is finished the video and snapshots will be exported to ASMIS which is using the snapshots to create video files “around” the snapshot. The time included in the video before and after the snapshot was taken can be configured to fit the surgeon’s needs. (For example, 1 Minute before and 1 Minute after the snapshot was taken, so the automatically created video will have a total length of 2 Minutes).

Therefore 2 minutes sequences will be created from interesting (marked) points of the surgery, fully automatic and without an additional user access. These “Movie Around Snapshot” files can be automatically be sent to an archive (i.e. PACS) for education and research; there is no former user access necessary. The time included in the video before and after the snapshot can be configured individually.

Security and data protection

ASMIS supports user management via LDAP authentification or using an internal user database.

The following user access levels are supported:

  • Accessing only the own studies, studies from other surgeons are not visible and cannot be accessed.
  • Accessing the studies of the department. The user can access its own studies and also studies from users which are in the same department/group.
  • Accessing all studies. The user can access all available studies

System requirements

Server with Quad-Core CPU, min 16GB RAM, HDD with a minimum free space/capacity of 1.5 TB (RAID prefered), Gigabyte Ethernet connection, Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8 or Server 2008/2012

Licensing and Scope of delivery

ASMIS includes 1 server license and 5 client licenses. The server will be licensed once per hospital (location). Client licenses and concurrent License can be extended piece by piece. The hardware required for the installation will not be included.