Telemedicine for Education Deployment
Keeping Children Healthy So They Can Do Their Best in School

School-based telemedicine programs are making a significant impact on keeping our children healthier and reducing the number of absences due to illness. AMD’s Telemed ED, a clinical telemedicine system allows children to be easily seen by a healthcare provider without having to leave school for an appointment.

Designed FOR School Health Practitioners, BY School Health Practitioners

All of the features and components included with the Telemed ED system have been designed by specific request and guidance from school health practitioners looking to expand the quality of healthcare in their schools. This all-in-one system makes it simple and easy to perform a clinical assessment on a child, while at the same time have a live consult from a healthcare provider at another location.

“As a school-based healthcare provider and a user of several AMD products, I feel that Telemed ED provides high quality technology in an easy-to-use package for schools”

-Steve North, MD
President & Founder, Center for Rural Health Innovation

Quality of Clinical Assessment Tools Mirror that of a Doctor Visit

A patient’s diagnosis can only be as accurate as the quality of clinical data provided. Included with Telemed ED system are the following medical devices and software. Additional devices are optional.

Digital Stethoscope:

At the core of almost all clinical assessments, especially those for children, are the heart and lung sounds. AMD’s Digital Stethoscope delivers superior sound quality to the remote consulting physician – and all they need is a set of headphones.

General Examination Camera:

Let the doctor “see” the patient exactly as they are. AMD’s General Examination Camera captures the clinical assessment exactly as it is. With only 4 buttons to keep things simple, this is the first camera to combine power zoom, auto or manual focus, frame capture and electronic image polarization into one device.

Digital Otoscope:

One of the most common symptoms children visit school nurses for is ear, nose and throat pain. With AMD’s integrated Digital Otoscope, you can conduct a full range of ear, nose and throat examinations to provide the remote physician with clear, live and still images of the ear canal and tympanic membrane. This also features an insufflation port for a pneumatic otoscopy exam.

AGNES InteractiveTM Telemedicine Software:

AGNES, a web-based software that allows the clinician and the remote doctor to see all the medical device data in real-time as it is being taken. In a single web portal, you can simultaneously capture and share the live patient encounter while participating in a video conference with the remote physician.