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Telematic Medical Applications Ltd (TMA) is a company incorporated in 2007 in Athens, Greece, with in depth knowledge and vast experience for more than a decade in Telemedicine /e-Health integrated solutions.

We provide innovative solutions combining Health Information Systems, Medical Equipment, Telemedicine Systems and Artificial Intelligence, which are at the forefront of technology and are able to provide excellent services for the integrated system.

We have completed for the Greek NHS 32 Health Care Centers of Greek islands with 12 Hospitals in Attiki and 22 Health Care Centers in Greek islands with the above network. We converted the General Hospital of the Island Siros to a Digitalized Network System taking it to a total paperless environment.

One of our main services, Telematic Medical Applications – TMA’s e-Poκratis Welfare, is a Personal Health Record – PHR with telemedical capabilities. The intention of TMA e-Poκratis Welfare is to provide a complete and accurate summary of an individual’s medical history (data, lab results, and data from integrated medical devices and mobile app), which is accessible online by the patient & the authorized medical and paramedical personnel.

TMA e-Hygeia Cloud Telemedicine Platform is a vital extension of e-Pokratis and No.A.H. Its main purpose is to assist first aid personnel to gather as much information about the patient’s condition in the least possible time in order to compose an accurate outlook of his condition and manage the patient’s health needs forward.

One of our products “Noah Ark of Health” (No.A.H) is exclusively designed for the Maritime industry, with focus on the health and safety of crews onboard deep-sea vessels. No.A.H.Telemedicine Case, is a portable self-contained Telemedicine System  that can be configured with the highest quality medical devices and technology required for accurate patient assessment  in mobile or remote applications. We are the only Telemedicine company with Inmarsat Certification.

TMA provides Telemedicine and e-Health systems services to all industries, National Health System, Insurance Underwriting, Military, Church Organizations (Elderly Homes, Nurseries, Monasteries, Mount Athos, etc.), Government Facilities/Organizations (MKO for refugees, prisons, sports, etc.), Private sector (Home Care for elderly and disabled persons), etc.

Our main purpose is to provide medical services wherever the patient might be. In addition, we provide innovative solutions with pioneer equipment, based on AI systems, that can recognize patient’s health status, so patients can be proactive regarding prevention.


Philip Sotiriades Ph.D.

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