The Intensive Care Unit of the Nicosia General Hospital, lead partner of the TELEREHABILITATION project, in collaboration with the University Hospital of Heraklion University of Crete and the Department of Computer Science of University of Cyprus, have set as primary target the development of an innovative pilot cardio-respiratory telerehabilitation service using telemedicine for patients after hospitalization in Intensive Care Unit.

Project specific objectives are:

1. The creation of a telemedicine platform that will be supported efficiently and with low cost of upgrades and scalability.

2. Publication of scientific findings on the methodology for aerobic capacity evaluation and the structure and effectiveness of individualized rehabilitation program.

3. The creation of conditions for further development of the pilot a viable and sustainable service.

4. Further development of cross-border cooperation between regions of Cyprus and Crete in the areas of accessibility to health care, safe reintegration into the community and the innovative research and development of medical services.

HCI (Germany) and TMA (Greece) in cooperation  have successfully delivered a seamless service for real time telemonitoring patient’s vital signs (5-lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, pulse rate, respiration) during telerehabilitation sessions. The service utilizes WelchAllyn Acuity Central Station (central monitoring room) and WelchAllyn Propaq LT Monitors at the remote patient site. 

The Monitors and the Central Station communicate over secure VPN networks (IPSec) to enforce data security and data privacy.

The service satisfies the user requirements and meets the technical specifications defined by the customer.

Pictures and more details regarding the project can be found here: