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Telephonic Stethoscope AMD-3700

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Synchronized Quality Auscultation at a Low Bandwidth

At the core of many clinical telemedicine assessments are the heart and/or lung sounds. The Telephonic Stethoscope delivers high quality electronic auscultation to remote physicians using low data bandwidth.

This stethoscope, developed for telemedicine applications, creates an audio signal of the auscultation sounds and transmits it electronically in real time - this allows the clinician (local user) and remote physician (remote user) to hear the patient's heart/lung sounds at the same time so they can work together to treat the patient.

Product Features

  • Low auscultation bandwidth (20 Hz - 1400 Hz) and low data communications bandwidth (19.2 Kb/s) deliver high performance.
  • Bell/Diaphragm (B/D) switch offers optimal auscultation sounds for both cardiac & pulmonary examinations:

Bell position has bandwidth of 20Hz to 250Hz with enhanced low frequencies for optimal emphasis of heart sounds.
Diaphragm position extends the high frequencies to 1,400Hz for emphasis of pulmonary sounds.

  • Transmit/receive modes provide synchronized auscultation between the clinician (local side) and the remote physician (receive side).
  • Volume control allows you to independently adjust sound level delivered to the headset that is plugged into that auscultation unit.
  • Sound transmission options allow you to share auscultation sounds with remote provider via video conferencing equipment, PC to PC or modem to modem.

Integrates with AGNES InteractiveTM, to simultaneously capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images, and participate in a live video conference with the remote consulting physician.

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