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Clinical Telemedicine


Telematic Medical Applications is the exclusive representative of AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. in Greece and Cyprus, which constitutes the main supplier of medical units that are used in the area of Telemedicine and medical examinations worldwide. The aforementioned clinical diagnostic appliances are provided for 15 years, with more than 6000 installations in 73 countries. The most recent installations are located in Iraq and Afhganistan for the US Army (US Navy, US Marines, US Coastguard), 360 Clinics in Alaska state and 600 clinics in Canada.

Telematic Medical Applications offers products of high quality (American, Japanese or German manufacture), easy to use, with specialized design, in competitive prices. Those products are constitutes by software and hardware (Software/Hardware solutions), for Telemedicine services and Healthcare IT. They can serve a wide range of healthcare providers, from private practises and priate clinics to big hospitals.

Functioning either as integrated diagnostic units in Telemedicine systems which comply with HL7 standards, Workflow HL7, RIS, HIS, DICOM Workflow and HIPAA - Health Information Privacy Standards aiming to serve as a complete Telemedicine solution, or as autonomous local diagnostic units.

Telematic Medical Applications offers a wide range of medical equipment devices which are functional either as integrated solutions into a complete Telemedicine system, or autonomous for diagnostic examinations of eyes, heart, lungs, and abdomen, such as AMD-2020 ophthalmoscope, AMD-5500 laptop based ultrasound (Ultrasound Operational Modes: B-Mode,M-Mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler, Directional Power Doppler, Triplex & Sonocubic 3D) and AMD-3875 ECG, AMD-3920 Spirometer.

Telematic Medical Applications is able to develop Customized Telemedicine Platform (Customized Software Solutions) in which all products can be integrated, depending on your needs.

The success of the Telemedicine project does not depend only on the quality and usability of diagnostic devices, but also on the service support for a successful project result. Telematic Medical Applications offers services of installation and training in Greece with use of Videoconference main server located in our premises.

Telemedicine Carts

category-telemedicine-systems AMD's clinical telemedicine carts and systems make it easy to get your telemedicine programs up and running. These mobile medical carts are designed to be flexible to your specific requirements, so you can integrate the hardware and software you need for your clinical telemedicine program. Or you can choose an all-in-one system that comes equipped with standard medical devices and telemedicine software.

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Management Software


The critical point of any telemedicine encounter is the accurate delivery of patient information from one location to another. So much can get "lost in translation" between the clinical exam site and the remote physician due to the variety of technologies and devices typically used in these applications - but not with AGNES InteractiveTM and Telehealth Consult telemedicine software!

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Medical Devices


Successful clinical telemedicine applications rely heavily on the clarity of medical images and data collected during the patient encounter. For this reason, AMD Global Telemedicine has pioneered the development of reliable medical devices and equipment that deliver superior quality medical images and precise patient data, even in difficult and remote telemedicine applications.

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ISO Certification

TELEMATIC MEDICAL APPLICATIONS provides certified quality management system for every aspect of our activities (products and services). TELEMATIC MEDICAL APPLICATIONS is certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS according to international standards EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 13485:2016 and proved compliant with the provisions of the Ministerial Order ΔΥ8/1348/2004 regarding the retainment of principles and orders for the suitable distribution of medical and telemedicine products.

En ISO 9001:2015 No: 0108127
qcert           En ISO 13485:2016 No: 0127012

          Greek Ministirial Order No. 1348/2004 Report No: 8050660

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