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JiveX Dental

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Digital X-Ray Images Optimize Patient Care in Dental Medicine

Dental clinics and dental practices have very high specific requirements. For medical documentation, planning, and billing they use Dental Information Systems (DIS). The patient leading system performs the tasks which, in hospitals, the hospital information system will perform. Just as in hospitals, in dental care a variety of image material originates from various sources. In order to guarantee efficient conditions for patient care, these images, too, need to be acquired, distributed and archived electronically.

Facilitating Processes - internally and externallyJiveX dental

JiveX Dental from VISUS is a dedicated Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) which integrates all images easily and securely. This includes images from Digital Volume Tomography (DVT), from intraoral video and photography systems, as well as panoramic and cephalometric images and images from digital sensors and dental CT. In all cases, storage is carried out in the vendor-neutral DICOM format.

In order to safeguard seamless campus-wide workflows, the PACS is integrated into the DIS. This allows for fast retrieval of image and reports data in the patient context. Hereby, the dentist´s routine is facilitated significantly. Directly at the dentist chair, he/she can retrieve the X-ray images instantly after the acquisition, create his report, and discuss it instantly with the patient. For this purpose, dedicated analysis algorithms are integrated into the solution. In case the dentist requires images from preceding exams for his evaluation, retrieval of those images, too, is realized quickly and easily via integrated access to the PACS. This serves to increase diagnostical safety and therefore improves patient care.

However, the image data management system does not only enable smooth processes within the organization but also offers the opportunity to communicate with external partners. For the digital production of a design model of an implant, the dentist can send his information directly to a dental lab. The basis for such a model can be, e.g., a DVT or Computer Tomography which - provided an electronic connection is available - is transmitted directly into the dentist´s image data management system. This allows for further synergies in the collaboration.

In case, a clinic or practice wishes to avoid investments in a PACS, VISUS will, as an option, operate the system for their customer. The JiveX Application Service for PACS (ASP) combines hardware and software offerings with dedicated services as well as flexible payment schemes. The organization can lease the solution at fixed monthly rates, or decide in favour of a pay-per-use model, depending on the agreed services as well as availability and performance guarantees.

Flexible Archiving, fast Access

Storage of the image data is carried out in a flexible manner, in accordance with the requirements of the individual customer. The data can be stored online, in a storage area network (SAN), via network attached storage (NAS), or in a directly attached hard disk system (RAID, DAS). Offline storage is done on DVDs, BluRay discs, or magnetic tapes which are handled and managed manually or by a robot. Before archiving of image data, a feedback is sent to the leading information system. Thanks to the consistency with the order confirmation from the leading information system, process quality is ensured at all levels of the image cycle.

A further option for long-term archiving is JiveX Storage Service for PACS (SSP). This service enables the customer to store data in an external archive operated by a service provider. This type of data storage enables cost-optimized operation for the user. With the full orientation of fees towards use, the customer is not required to make investments and tie up capital. Cost can be planned because no additional expenditures for migration, administration, or maintenance, will be incurred.

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