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Meditech EKG-112S

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Simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, IEC Class I, safety standard Leads: type CF

Manual: single channel
Auto I: standard single channel
Auto II: standard single channel plus rhythm lead

Measurement and distinguish point printing function under auto mode operation

Filters: AC, HUM, DFT

Real-time clock, real-time measurement and presenting of ECG parameter

Large LCD (240*320dots) display 12 channel ECG wave forms

Battery: high-efficiency lithium battery, at least 2 hours' working time

Function of heart rate detection and protection against pulse shock while pacemaker applied

Storage of 8 patients' ECG data

Power: 220V/110V ( + 10%), 50/60Hz selectable

USB interface and RS232 ensures convey of ECG data

Option: ECG Software For net-working capacity

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