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RAPIXX 4343M DR-System

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43x43 fixed flat panel - offers as a dual panel set a maximum of user comfort.

The RAPIXX 4343M DR-System is a direct-radiography system with a digital flat-panel detector for fixed installation, including the particularly adapted CONAXX DR-software and an interface box for simple synchronization with the X-ray unit.

The system is available either as an integral component when buying a completely new X-ray Unit (e.g. PEDS 600 or PRS 500), and equally as a retrofit package for integration into an existing X-ray device where a conversion from cassette use to digital flat panel use is intended.

Due to its full-size detector format of 43 x 43 cm a very comprehensive range of radiographic applications can be covered. Being available as alternative packages, the RAPIXX 4343M DR-System offers the choice between several flat-panel detector models (all of them in format 43 x 43 cm) which all come in combination with CONAXX image acquisition software. Independent of your respective choice among the
different sets, superior image quality along with a quick and convenient workflow are obvious key benefits of RAPIXX DR Systems.

Combined with the matching PROTEC DR-Bucky, all RAPIXX 4343M models can be easily integrated into X-ray tables and wall stands in case of retrofit and thus, they also stand for an ideal solution of dual-panel-installations.

Top 5 product features:

  • Complete set of a detector for fixed installation, interface box, CONAXX DR-software (X-ray generator connection as an option)
  • Different detector types and scintillator types available
  • Fullsize detectors of format 43 x 43 cm for unlimited application range
  • Ideal for use in swivel U-arm systems (e.g. PROTEC PEDS 600)
  • The perfect solution for dual-panel-installation in bucky workplaces with X-ray table and wall stand

Product Features

Comprehensive information about CONAXX software functions and further options as per separate software information by PROTEC.

  • Standard delivery range:
  • Flat-panel (detector), interface box, power supply, ethernet card
  • CONAXX image acquisition software, incl. following modules: Acquisition, DICOM Store, EMR Interface, AIP

RAPIXX 4343M - system requirements:

Detailed information about required or recommended configuration according to PROTEC’s comprehensive PC-system requirements overview.

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