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e-CliniQ - Medical Parameters Monitoring

Distance Doesn't Make a Difference

Aerotel's e-CliniQ™ system is proof positive that Distance Doesn't Make a Difference for monitoring medical parameters. With the MPM system, medical parameters digital data including information from compatible Heartline devices is sent through telephone lines to the monitoring service center. Using Aerotel's supporting MPM receiving software, the monitoring service center automatically enters the data into the patient's records.

Flexibility and adaptation to patient needs are the key to the success of the e-CliniQ™ system. The Tele-Cliniq family is designed for individual patient use. Installed in the user's home, it is connected to the patient's telephone line and to the specific monitors required by the patients physician. Alternatively, the Medi-CliniQ is perfect for the patient on the go, who can check-in with his/her physician by stopping by a clinic, pharmacy, or a primary point-of-care of the patient's health service. To activate his/her file, the patient either uses a smart card or provides an ID number/card to the nurse/technician on duty, who will take the required medical measurements and automatically transmit them to the receiving call center.

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TELEMATIC MEDICAL APPLICATIONS provides certified quality management system for every aspect of our activities (products and services). TELEMATIC MEDICAL APPLICATIONS is certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS according to international standards EN ISO 9001: 2008, EN ISO 13485:2003 and proved compliant with the provisions of the Ministerial Order ΔΥ8/1348/2004 regarding the retainment of principles and orders for the suitable distribution of medical and telemedicine products.

En ISO 9001:2008 No: 0108127TUV
En ISO 13485:2003 No: 0127012

Greek Ministirial Order No. 1348/2004 Report No: 8050660

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