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EcMR for Glaucoma Specialists

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Electronic connected Medical Records for Glaucoma Specialists

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Requirements and Solutions for Glaucoma EcMR

  1. Connectivity to all relevant equipment (Field Analyzer, HRT, OCT etc.)
  2. Meaningful (structured) data for all kinds of outcome and trend analyses
  3. Visualization of the glaucoma record for efficient follow-up
  4. Online Clinical Decision Support (e.g. for the indicated therapy)
  5. Comprehensive digital patient education to inform patients and support the patient compliance
  6. Interfaces for web-based registries and other outcome databases (e.g. GlaucoCard)


All leading perimetry systems can be integrated into the ifa Electronic connected Medical Record (EcMR). With the expert system PeriData all kinds of visual field trends can be displayed for an improved glaucoma management within the EcMR.


For optical nerve analysis all leading systems like HRT, GDX, RTA etc. are connected.


The glaucoma chart is based on structured (meaningful) data, individual text and little scratchpad drawings.


For a better compliance with the relevant findings (e.g. IOP) can be demonstrated with trend graphs.

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Glaucoma records use the structured information to allow communication with co-managing colleagues (e.g. GlaucoCard).


Digital patient education can significantly improve the compliance of glaucoma patients.

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The advantage of meaningful (structured data) is minable information, e.g. for Pharmaceutical Benefit Management.

data flow

The ifa Electronic connected Medical Record (EcMR) is based on an integrated data flow.

ifa offers a broad range of device connectivity:

Visual Field (examples)

  • Haag-Streit OCTOPUS 300/301/311/500/2000/1-2-3/101/900
  • Humphrey HFA 605/606/610/611/620/
  • 630/635/640/730/740/750 i/Iii
  • Medmont M700
  • Oculus TAP 2000 CT/CC
  • Oculus Twinfield
  • Oculus Centerfield
  • Oculus Easyfield
  • Rodenstock Perimat
  • Rodenstock Peristat
  • Ophtimus Ring Perimeter
  • SW: Peritrend
  • SW: Peridata for Windows
  • SW: Haag-Streit Eye Suite
  • ifa HFA Print Software
  • Zeiss/Humphrey/Welch-Allyn FDT
  • Zeiss Matrix

Laser Devices/OCT (examples)

  • Heidelberg Retina Tomograph
  • Heidelberg SL-OCT
  • Heidelberg Spectralis HRA+OCT
  • IMEDOS VisualiS
  • LDT TopSS XL 2020
  • LDT GDx/GDx Access/Access VCC
  • OTI Spectral OCT/SLO
  • Optovue RTVue-100
  • Talia RTA
  • Topcon 3D OCT-1000
  • Zeiss GDx
  • Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT
  • Zeiss Stratus OCT
  • Zeiss Visante OCT

NCT (examples)

  • Canon TX-10/TX-F
  • Canon T2
  • Leica AT 550/555
  • Leica NT-3000
  • Medicel IOPen
  • Nidek NT-400/510/530
  • Nidek NT-1000/2000/2000 M3/3000/ 4000
  • Nidek RKT 7700
  • Nidek TonoRefII
  • Reichert AT 550
  • Reichert ORA
  • Reichert Xpert/Xpert plus
  • Rodenstock NCT 400
  • Tomey FT-1000
  • Tomey FZ-1000
  • Topcon CT 20/40/60/80/80A

The ifa EcMR for glaucoma specialists provides all relevant aspects for the subspecialty such as terminology, codes, templates etc. and can easily be customized for the individual clinical pathways.

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