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ΕcMR for Ophthalmic Surgeons

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Electronic connected Medical Records for Cataract and Refractive Surgery

13 pentacam

Requirements and Solutions for Cataract and Refractive Surgery EcMR

  1. Connectivity to all relevant surgical equipment (e.g. IOL Master, general biometer systems such as a-scan/b-scan etc.)
  2. Meaningful (structured) data for all kinds of outcome analysis
  3. Professional documentation of intraoperative data (legal requirements)
  4. Archiving all legal patient education documents (consent forms)
  5. Comprehensive digital patient education to educate patients (innovative IOLs/new technologies)
  6. Interfaces for outcome databases and web-based registries

Solutions for Cataract and Refractive Surgeons


Comprehensive and integrated communication with the IOL Master software


digital signature

Legal documentation (scanned documents/digital signatures) are important for the forensic compliance.



All media and data (incl. video files) can be stored.



Based on meaningful data, ifa allows easy customization of generated and printed reports.



Instantaneous visualization enhances patient communication about innovative implants (IOL).



Data can be directly exported to (web-based) registries for outcome analysis.


13 pentacam

Special innovative equipment such as the Oculus Pentacam are fully integrated and functional with the ifa system (see ifa connectivity guarantee).



The visual acuity can be shown graphically for quick trend analysis.


report uk-497x333

Registry reports (based on individual data export directly from the ifa system) help to improve the outcome of refractive surgery.

data flow


The ifa Electronic connected Medical Record (EcMR) is based on an integrated data flow.

ifa offers a broad range of device connectivity:

Biometer, Ultrasound, Cornea Topography and Multi-Function Devices (examples)

  • Biometer, Optical
  • Tomey AL-100
  • Zeiss IOL-Master
  • Ultrasound Systems (biometer/pachymeter)
  • Bio-/Pachymeter
  • 4Optics OCP
  • Alcon OcuScan RxP
  • Alcon OcuScan (software)
  • B-scan systems with video port
  • Haag-Streit AXIS II PR (serial interface)
  • Heidelberg OCP
  • M + C - I 3 system
  • Mediconsult I-Scan
  • Nidek A-/B-Scan US 2500/20
  • Nidek Echoscan US-4000/500
  • Oculus Pachycam
  • Quantel Pocket Pachy
  • Quantel Medical CineScan (video port)
  • Quantel Medical Compact II (video port)
  • Quantel Medical Aviso (video port)
  • Technomed E-Z Scan B5500/ E-Z Scan AB5500
  • Technomed PacScan 300 A/300 P/300 AP
  • Teknar/Mentor B-Scan III Plus
  • Teknar/Mentor A/B-Scan III Plus
  • Teknar/Mentor Image 2000
  • Tomey AL-100 Biometer/AL-2000/-3000
  • Tomey UD-6000
  • Tomey SP-100/3000
  • Tomey IS-500 A/B-Scan
  • Tomey AI-510 A/B-Scan

Extract from the Connectivity Compendium Cornea Topography (examples)

  • Bausch & Lomb Orbscan
  • bon Optic EyeTop, EyeTop-H, Eye Top-S Haag-Streit Keratograph
  • Nidek OPD Scan II
  • Oculus Keratograph
  • Oculus Easygraph
  • Optikon Keratron/Keratron Scout
  • Rodenstock Keratograph
  • Tomey RT-6000/7000
  • Zeiss ATLAS Model 9000
  • Oculus Pentacam

Autorefractor/Keratometer/ Tonometer (examples)

  • Nidek RKT-7700
  • Nidek TONOREF II
  • Oculus Park-1
  • Topcon TRK-1P

Autorefractor (examples)

  • Canon R-10/20/22/30/50/F10
  • Canon RK3/RK5
  • Hoya AR 550
  • Humphrey HAR-420/500/510/525/540/580/580 S/585/590/595
  • Nidek AR-310A/330A/600/660/700/800/820/1000/1200 M
  • Nikon NR-5000/5100/5500/8000
  • Nikon Speedy
  • Nikon Retinomax
  • Plusoptix S04
  • Rodenstock PR-60
  • Rodenstock RA-303
  • Rodenstock RX-202/502/520/900
  • Shin-Nippon RC 380
  • Shin-Nippon QR-007 N
  • Shin Nippon EZRef 8000
  • Tomey TR-1000/3000
  • Tomey RT-7000
  • Topcon RM-A-2000/3300/6000/6300/7000/7300/8000/RM-8800
  • Welch Allyn SureSight
  • Autorefractor
  • Zeiss Humphrey Acuitus

Kerato-Refractometer (examples)

  • Alcon Handheld Keratometer
  • Canon RF-1/10
  • Canon RK-1/F1/2/3/5
  • Grand Seiko GR-3100K
  • Humphrey Acuitus
  • Humphrey HAK-420
  • Humphrey HARK-595/597-599
  • Huvitz MRK-3100 P/HRK-7000
  • Nidek AR 530A/510A
  • Nidek ARK-510A/530A/560A/700/700A/760/900/2000
  • Nidek KM-500
  • Nikon NRK-8000/10000
  • Nikon Retinex K-Plus Hand-Ker.
  • Nikon Retinomax2
  • Nikon Speedy-K
  • Potec PRK-5000
  • Rodenstock CX 500/520
  • Shin Nippon ACCUREF 8001/K 9001
  • Tomey RC-1000/5000
  • Topcon KR 7000/7000 S/7000 P/7500/8100/8100 P/8800

Auto Phoropter (examples)

  • Block Diamant Phoropter
  • Hoya MDR 650
  • MÖLLER-WEDEL VISUTRON 307/308/plus/900+
  • Nidek RT-1200/2100/5100
  • Nikon OT-8-A
  • Nikon Remote Vision
  • Rodenstock Phoromat / Phoromat 200
  • Topcon BV-1000
  • Topcon CV 2000/2500/3000/5000
  • Zeiss Optophor

The ifa EcMR for cataract and refractive surgery provides all relevant terminology, codes, templates etc. and can easily be customized for the individual clinical pathways


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