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EcMR for General Ophthalmologists

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Electronic connected Medical Records for General Ophthalmology


Requirements and Solutions for Eye Care EcMR

  1. Connectivity to all relevant eye care equipment (OCTs, field analyzer, HRT, cameras and image systems, AR, LM, automated phoropters)
  2. Easy navigation according to the individual clinical pathways (customization of the graphical user interface/GUI)
  3. Visualization of the clinical data (e.g. graphical charts for IOP, VA etc.) for efficient follow-up
  4. Meaningful (structured) data for all kinds of outcome and trend analysis
  5. Comprehensive digital patient education to inform patients and support the patient compliance
  6. Automated reports and referring letters

Solutions for all Eye Care Specialists

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The ifa EcMR has a comprehensive navigation system for all clinical pathways.



All kinds of images from different sources can be stored (e.g. digital slit lamp photography).


18 peridata2

The ifa EcMR is a system combining all kinds of valuable information and
comprehensive knowledge.



Trend graphs show patient drug compliance.


16 hrt

Examination data from complex imaging devices are seamlessly integrated with the
ifa system.


19 glaucocard

Intelligent codes (abbreviations) allow fast and easy data entry and provide structured reports (here: GlaucoCard report). The ifa connectivity guarantee protects your past and future investments in eye care technology.



The ifa EcMR stores text, codes (structured data), drawings, images and even videos.



Digital fundus photography is easily integrated.


11 letterbild

Customized letters are generated with patient-specific information which is stored as meaningful data in the ifa system.



Digital patient education can significantly improve the compliance and patient satisfaction.


34 selektion

Outcome analysis and data mining are becoming more important for all eye care environments.


data flow

The ifa EcMR (Electronic connected Medical Record) is based on an integrated data flow and can integrate Practice Management and Hospital Information Systems.


Vendor Overview of the Connectivity Compendium


The ifa EcMR for general ophthalmology provides all relevant terminology, codes, templates etc. and can easily be customized for the individual clinical pathways.

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