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The ifa Guarantee

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All of us on the ifa team are proud of our suite of outstanding products and professional services. But it is the relationships with our customers that motivate us every day. Success for our customers is a success for the ifa team as well. Therefore, in placing a high premium on building a platform of trust and confidence, we give all customers the ifa guarantee, in the industry, a guarantee no one else can make.

  • A Connectivity Guarantee that brings all the systems and devices into a cohesive electronic medical records system.
  • A Customization Guarantee that sets Return on Investment (ROI) and workflow efficiency as key priorities.
  • A Data Exchange Guarantee guarantees the independence of users who want to change their EMR system and want to keep their patient database.

These important guarantees are integrated into our transparent legal framework.

Connectivity Guarantee

Digital devices, practice management systems, hospital information systems, and patient data repositories are, in essence, isolated silos of information. The full range of benefits of any ophthalmic EMR system is only fully realized when all these diverse data sources are completely integrated into a robust solution. That is why the guarantee of trouble-free interconnectivity, now and in the future, is a critical necessity for today’s sophisticated ophthalmic clinics and practices.

ifa guarantees that all digitally capable, government compliant ophthalmic devices will be integrated into the EMR, HIS and PMS programs, thus the maximum benefit can be realized.
ifa guarantees that its users will have full integration of all standard ophthalmic devices, assuming the cooperation of all vendors of ophthalmic devices.
ifa guarantees full support and implementation of international standards as documented by the IHE Initiative (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise).

Customization Guarantee

The intuitive design concept behind the 3rd generation of the ifa EMR solution supports a wide range of customization features and tools that enhance data entry and navigation, streamline clinical workflows, and speed users through a compressed learning curve. The ifa customization process is key for increasing both administrative efficiency and Return on Investment (ROI).
Therefore, ifa guarantees that users are independent of vendor support regarding all kinds of customization steps:

Customization and basic editing of terminology codes can be comfortably managed by the user. Approx. 18,000 codes and terms are provided with the standard installation.
The user interface can be customized without any IT knowledge with easy to use integrated script components. A comprehensive manual is provided in a digital format.
All kinds of billing codes and fee data can be modified by the user according to subspecialty and regional requirements.
Letters, reports, and review templates are user-defined and can be customized without IT knowledge. A wide range of samples is provided with the standard installation.

Data Exchange Guarantee
In many countries, EMR systems are used for more than 20 years. The experience with EMR systems in these countries did show that within the first 3 years approx. a third (36%) of the ophthalmologists had to change their system (e.g. vendor went out of business, the user was unhappy with the SW etc.)
To guarantee the future use of the patient database when changing the EMR/EHR system the CDE-EC  standard (Clinical Data Exchange-Eye Care) was developed which allows the data export to another system independent from the vendor. This standard is based on the official German HIT standard (BDT-A).
The standard is provided free of charge and part of the legal framework.

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